Xbox One Game Boxes Look Sharp


    Looks really ugly to me. It's like one of those cheap kids DVDs, only without the carry handle.

      I feel the same, though I'd wager it'll look better in real life. I hope so at least because it looks horribly "cartoony" and the green is a really bad choice. Not green itself though, I neither hated nor loved the 360's green but the choice of this particular green is off putting.

      I can put my finger on it, it's trolls who likely don't own or intend to own an M$ console and bitching that they don't like it. Who actually intends to buy the console and like/dislike it might be a better question. Or maybe we should just be worried about the stuff inside the cases. THE GAMES!

    Never really liked the Xbox cases. The ps3 ones look a lot better, I wouldn't mind if they stayed the same.

      I didn't like the Platinum boxes... the silver and bright yellow... ugh. The red US ones weren't any better, either.

        Yeah I noticed Sony have dropped the garish silver and yellow platinum for these new red Essentials boxes which look better.

        This new X1 look recalls the 360 classics boxes with the solid green logo

    Isn't the Xbone utilizing a Blu-Ray drive? why isn't the symbol at the top?

      Because M$ dont like admitting defeat?

      I don't own a PS3, so correct me if I'm wrong, but I did a quick image search for Uncharted 3 and Killzone 3's cases and they didn't have a Blu ray logo on them.

        The Blu-Ray symbol is often on the back of the and sometimes on the top right corner of the case.

        They definitely do, but since the ps3 has a transparent case it almost like a watermark you have to look close at the top.

        Ps3 cases (ever since they swapped to the "ps3" logo on the top from the full "playstation 3" on the side) always have the blu-ray logo on the top ride hand part of the case, not the box art the actual case. I did the image search too and it's really hard to see 'cause of the transparency!

      The 360 cases didn't have the DVD logo, I don't see why they'd need to have the Blu-Ray logo.

    I think it'd look a lot better if it didn't have the Top Gear, Take 10 and MS Studios logos on the bottom. Would really fit the minimalist vibe.

      Top Gear are defecting from GT series?
      Didn't drive that track that much to be honest

        There was some Top Gear stuff in Forza 4, and there's a Top GearDLC pack for Forza Horizon. IIRC, Jeremy Clarkson gave an audio description of each of the cars in the Forza 4's showroom. Including the Warthog.

          You would be correct and there was a Stig's Garage pack for FM3 a well. Seems that the Top Gear guys were disappointed with GT and its use of their property (just like a lot of fans were - me included).

      Agreed, and they haven't even slathered the giant OFLC logo on there yet. I reckon all games should come with reversible covers ala bioshock infinite.

    The green is eye-catching to me, but that's my favorite colour.

    But from a psychological marketing standpoint. Green doesn't really invoke impulse buying, or a sense of action/fun.

    Green is educational, green is calming.

    "Xbox One Game Boxes Look Sharp"

    Which is more than what can said for the minds behind the console.

    Lots of space to stick censor boxes and various stickers all over.

      That's why it didn't look right.... I was wondering what was wrong with it.

    I don't really like the shade of green they've gone with (in fact I hate it), but I do quite like the Forza 5 box art.

    Doesn't need to have an "Xbox Live" logo on it, seeing as every fucking game requires internet/Xbox Live anyway.

      How often is your Xbox not connected to the internet? also, it has to be connected once every 24 hours, I'm sure it's not THAT big of a deal.... But whatever, I'm going to judge it properly at E3.

        Lol, it's not a big deal to me personally. My Xbox 360 is always connected, and whether I go Xbox One or PS4, it will also be always online. I'm just on the bandwagon because I don't think we're quite ready for devices that require internet to function and allow us to play our own purchased games offline, even if that's only one phone-home a day. *Insert typical 'not everyone has internet' argument here.*

          Unfortunately it's a necessary evil for the advantage of allowing all games to be played without inserting the disk. You can be sure PS4 will have some sort of security measure in place for game installs that they haven't mentioned yet.

          Also, I've never unplugged the ethernet cable from my 360. Why would I want to disconnect from the net? I find it weird how people are upset about an console that requires an internet connection to use a lot of the features when we all use either a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop that are always online.

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    I like it, but it should be 'liquid black' to match the console. ;-)

    The boxart and case both look lovely to me. 5/5

    I still don't know why they ever changed from the original Xbox logo with the light looking as if its bursting through the ground. The 360 was too artsy and it looks like they have given up entirely for the XBone

      The original logo is very chunky and dated now.

    To be honest I'm curious about if they will be Blu-Ray sized boxes or DVD sized boxes.

    The Art is nice, not a fan of the X1 green & logos. Let's be honest MS aren't changing that colour anytime soon. I think plain black would look spiffy and match the console.

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