Xbox One Requires Kinect To Function

Xbox One Requires Kinect To Function

You have to have your Kinect plugged in for the Xbox One to function, Microsoft announced at an event today in London. This may sound familiar.

That’s because we learned about it back in February, along with the system’s specs and the fact that Xbox One will require game installations.

So clear out your shelf. You’ll need extra space for Microsoft’s motion-controlled accessory, which seems to be an integral part of Xbox One and will ship with every unit.

[via IGN]


  • Fair enough. I figured this was the case with the level of voice control they were throwing round in the demos, but never actually saw it confirmed.

  • Well as long as it comes with the console I have no quarrel. Although I feel for the people who do not have a lot of space to play Xbox.

  • Geez, what’s next? A mandatory Xbox TV? Xbox desk? Xbox couch? Can’t play Xbox without their exclusive couch. Your Xbox won’t stay on unless you’re sitting on their couch.

  • I just dont know where I’d put it, above my TV wont work cos my TV is less than an inch thick and down in front wont work because my center speaker sits there

    • I think they make little plastic clips that create a platform on thin TVs. I’m guessing they’ll include something like that, or perhaps even design the base of the Kinect to be converat between a clip and a stand like some webcams do. I seem to remember the Wii having a similar problem. If I remember right under the TV should work fine too.

      Honestly i don’t mind it being required. It comes with the system so being required to turn on the console isn’t a big deal. The question for me is can the console be used without Kinect controls? I’d hate to see them go and do something as stupid as making the media player use voice commands exclusively. Yes, it sure looks futuristic, but you’re replacing five seconds of D-Pad and A/B with a thirty second conversation with an inanimate object.

      • ‘The Clip’ or whatever still requires something to hang onto, I got a samsung series 7 and the picture almost goes to the edge of the TV so the clip wont be very secure, and Im guessing will cost alot.


          That seems to be one of the more expensive ones ($10-ish). Still a pain, and I’m not really defending the XBOX One as much as just providing info, but it should get you through it. Again that’s only if you want it on top of your TV (it’s a much neater solution to underneath, so personally I’d pay the $10).
          If Microsoft are smart the XBOX One Kinect has this thing built into it. If they’re smart. If this presentation is anything to judge their intelligence by, there will be no clip included. =P

          [Edit: That’s just one option, there seems to be a lot of them ranging from big and bulky to super thin/minimal lip.]

          • Awesome TV. I’m ‘lucky’ that mine has a 3cm flat top and a fairly large frame. I think I could just use double sided tape without it looking ugly.

            The little curve it’s got to it might be a problem. Judging by the pics the average clip has a rubber pad that should hold a reasonable grip to that lip. If the clip alone wasn’t enough I’d say you could get some self-stick plastic cord grips and one of those clips (the type you normally use to neaten up your cables under your desk). Use the clip, then secure the cord to the back of the TV using the self-stick grip. If you put the grip in the right spot you should be able to use the stiffness in the cord to hold the weight of the Kinect and then the clip will stabilise.

  • So how does it work with multiple people watching a game or Sharing a controller around. Will the Kinect like that, considering a license is per account which is per person and a game’s license is registered to an account?

    I hate this thing already and I haven’t even played it. Most definitely won’t buy it.

    • Haha, put on 10 kgs, go to play your game.
      ‘I’m sorry, the person this game is registered to is less fat, please lose some weight you pirate.’

  • I just hope it works ok whe used in like a bedroom or something with limited space infront of the Xbox, I know that’s the one issue with the current one, gets abit lost at times

  • WHAT!! Microsoft! what are you doing! your killing yourself!No backwards compatibility, games locked to accounts, Arcade licenses wont transfer and requires online connectivity every 24 hours! what the hell are you thinking! Now this bullshit. I hate the kinect its a waste and my room isnt big enough for this bullshit!
    Sony your getting my money.

  • I just hope it can be connected but turned off and still function.

    I don’t want it swishing all over the dash just because people are just walking around the room, or the neighbours dogs triggering abilities in Mass Effect (good voice recognition there).

  • Kinect is there to make sure unauthorized players aren’t playing the game. They already want to make it impossible to let people loan games to their friends, would any of us be surprised if my theory was right?

  • Considering mine is behind a sheet hanging above my TV (there’s a sunlight above the TV, so the sheet’s primarily there to prevent glare during the day, and doubles up by blocking the Kinect cameras), I don’t particularly mind this. Unless it requires visibility at all times… Voice control is useful (finally, a vocal “on” button!), but still don’t like the 1984 vibe I get from it…

  • This is ridiculous. I have always admired the future upcomings from Kinect, But personally I dont use or require it.

  • i hope you can turn the Xbox on without using your voice, other wise people who cant speak cant really use it

  • I seriously cannot fathom how they thought crap like this would fly with people. Coupled with the always on DRM type rubbish, there is absolutely no way I’ll ever be buying the console! Anyone who puts up with this is effectively paving the way for a very grim future in gaming. PS4 FTW! How much will you take before saying enough is enough?

  • Yeah they’re going to fuck that pointless Kinect shit right off or hundreds of thousands are just going to stick to the PS4

  • Ditch Kinect and upgrade the CPU GPU we should have a 3GHZ CPU and similar GPU.

    What if the stupid thing falls and breaks, I won’t be able to play?
    If it needs to be conected I will put it into a box filled with foam so it can not hear or see me.
    I do not want that to spy on me sending back all kinds of information about me that is too creepy.

    What a draconian ruling I have no interest nor space for such garbage.
    If little kids want to jump up and down in front of the TV thats fine but don’t shove that crap down my throat and try to tell me replacing a simple button press with voice or motion is better.

    Add two more buttons under the controller one for sprint one for cover, the A button is way over used and you are forced to take your thumb off the stick.
    Give us that instead.

  • So I go away for work for a few weeks. The Motel has crappy wifi that can’t reach my room. Oh well good thing I brought my Xbox One to pass the time before calling it a night. Might play single player CoD. Oh dammit. I can’t. Looks like it is local TV or a limited selection of Foxtel channels that I never watch then. Wish I had internet so I can watch TV on my Xbox One and play with my Fantasy Football thing. Way to alienate your CORE group of customers Microsoft (and to a lesser extent Sony)

  • Isn’t it enough that they’ve already got CCTV everywhere spying on our every move?? Isn’t it enough that they already tap our phones and read our text msgs?? And now they wish to infiltrate our living rooms all under the guise of fun & entertainment!!! F$&k that! No way I would buy that spy box! So they can hear and see my every move! New world gaming order is upon us! F$&k Microsoft!!!

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