Xbox One: Mainstream Media Reacts... Are We The 20%?

It's bizarre. On my twitter feed, in the Kotaku comments and from what I've heard from people involved in the games industry, the reaction the Xbox One reveal has been overwhelmingly negative. But the mainstream media? They seem to have missed the memo. While we've been spending the last five hours complaining about the lack of new titles and issues with used games, they've been praising the design, the ethos and — yes — the games.

Are gamers living in some weird echo chamber? Execs at the Microsoft event in the US believe the reaction has been mostly positive. Aaron Greenberg mentioned to Kotaku Editor Stephen Totilo that twitter's reaction to Xbox One was roughly 40 per cent positive, 40 per cent indifferent, 20 per cent negative. When I heard this I almost burst into laughter — that can't be possible. But then I did a brief check of multiple different mainstream media outlets — how had they reacted to the Xbox One news?

The answer may surprise you.

Are we the 20 per cent?

Fox News

Indeed, the Xbox One demonstration was so impressive it made me wonder, why the heck didn't they do this with the disastrous Windows 8?


The console itself is more angular and practical looking than either of its two predecessors. Flat and rectangular like a cable box, you could almost call the design reserved. But it is by no means unattractive, and will probably sit tucked away in a cabinet anyways.

The Register

On the face of it, the new console looks pretty impressive. Response times and gesture control are very good indeed, the visuals are stunning, and Microsoft scored an instant win over rival Sony by actually having a working console to show off. The demonstrations were in a tightly controlled environment, but the upgraded Kinect system looks impressive and the console looks very speedy to operate.


Xbox has been the exclusive home to such popular gaming franchises as sci-fi first-person shooter Halo, racing simulator Forza and alien shoot-'em-up Gears of War. In recent years, Microsoft expanded the scope of the Xbox 360 beyond just games, adding streaming media apps and the camera-based Kinect system. With the innovations showcased on Tuesday, Microsoft is taking those ideas further.

Key features of the Xbox One revealed in Microsoft headquarters in Seattle are advanced voice controls and the inclusion of a new-generation Kinect controller with every console, allowing you to switch from watching TV to playing games by spreading your arms as if you are grabbing the screen similar to the way you pinch an image on a smartphone or tablet.

The Sun

But the news that really got gamers salivating was the exclusive gaming deals they announced.
CALL of Duty: Ghosts takes the critically-acclaimed franchise into the next generation. Downloadable content for the new Call of Duty game, Ghosts, is available exclusively first on the Xbox, as is FIFA 14's Ultimate Team feature.
Fans were treated to some spectacular footage from both flagship titles, as well as some glorious footage of Forza Motorsport 5 — one of a number of titles that will be available as soon as the console is out.


Out in the Twitter peanut gallery, we've been hearing people calling the case design "boxy."One guy said, "Looks like a VCR. Hopefully that means it will play VHS," while anotherechoed, "Does it come with a cassette rewinder tho?"
Cosmetics aside, the response for the whole system seems more upbeat, ranging from "Sexy" to "Can't wait to have mine!"
But this is a big year for gaming, and things are just heating up.

Are we going crazy? Have consoles passed us by? Are we becoming increasingly irrelevant as a demographic? In a sense mainstream media reports err on side of caution, particularly when it comes to products they don't quite understand, but I found it difficult to find a single negative comment.

Very strange.


    I think the use of the argument that "Gamers' opinions regarding a gaming console is not relevant" really says it all about the Xbox One...

      True - it has not been designed for us; it has been designed for the other 80% of the consumer market who have jumped on board consoles during the last generation.
      Which is sad, but perhaps inevitable and probably smart from a business perspective.

        "It's good for business" is one of the biggest thought-terminating clichés out there.

      Who used that argument?

        Jo did, above: " from a business perspective."

          I'm confused. Jo said 'smart from a business perspective' after you made your post about the argument above. Who made the argument "Gamers' opinions regarding a gaming console is not relevant"?

    merely a case of them not knowing anything about consoles. the same reason there's little mainstream news about the NBN, they simply don't understand it. To the average person it probably looks impressive, but they're not the pre-orderers. If the gamers aren't happy then initial sales will be disappointing. It all depends on E3 and whether or not Microsoft will realise that people will buy one of these first and foremost as a games console, not as a fancy new way(not really new when you think about it, it just brings together existing tech a bit like an iPhone, nothing innovative just convenience in a box) to watch tv

    Personally theres some xbox one deal breakers for me currently, but by no means does it seem like a bad console. My main concern is if retailers can't sell the used games then won't they all go out of business? Or at least not stock this console? Correct me if i'm misunderstanding the used games thing.

    "But the news that really got gamers salivating was the exclusive gaming deals they announced."

    Premium reporting there for "The Sun". They clearly understand us gamers.

    If Microsoft ignore gamer's at e3, THEN I feel that 'gamer's' can feel like the 20 per cent.

    Until then, it makes sense that this reveal was all about what is possible. The games, rightfully, should be left to a bigger event such as e3.

    Money money money moooney! MONEY!

    Nothing about the reveal was that great.
    We allready have TV's and sony allready moved onto the TV idea with PlayTV for ps3

    Halo is crap. I can understand why xbox fans like it, its the closest thing to a good game on xbox. Xbox are gonna struggle with E3 since Sony has a huge amount of support and praise from alot of developers and they also have some of the most talented Game Developers working for them and a Large amounts of IP's.

    People dont care if they get DLC a month earlier or miss out on it.
    People care about the games quality and Sony fans dont have to worry.
    PS4 is supposed to have a large amount of Launch Titles, aswell as Exclusive Content deal with Bungie for Destiny and future Bungie Games.

    Anyone who thinks the Reveal was good are idiots.
    PS4's reveal was spectacular, yh we didnt see the console, but that means nothing. We got a glimpse of the games and features and realised, we got something better, Massive Support and favouritism from developers over the Xbox One.

    What people say about the xbox is irrelevant, Sony fans know we have the better console and know Sony are hiding some massive announcement about the PS4.
    And do any of you remember that game Agent that Rockstar are making, well thats Exclusive for a Sony platform. So while Xbox fans get another Halo and DLC a month early, we have Rockstar making a game for Sony, so try and beat that.

    Lolz calls "Watch Tv" command advanced voice control. just get a phone and give it some voice command you'll be surprised by the level of advancement in the field. For cry out loud who lets an idiot write their news?!? Please forgive our shameful AU citizen not all of us (Australians) are DUMB like the news reporter on

    I work for Channel 9 news, and the only reason we ran anything on it, was because my early morning co worker was watching a live stream of it, and a producer wondered what all the hubbub was about. ahaha

    Based on what I've read I'd say the response has been subdued but positive.

    I've been involved in an Anime convention for a couple of years now, and one year we hired a guy to help us develop our image and branding. Now there was one critical thing he told us which applies to the Xbox One. Core brand. You never EVER shift the focus away from your core brand. You can add stuff like tv features etc. But the core brand HAS to be the main focus. Microsoft should have had a 3 minute mention of the fantasy league and tv stuff, and the rest of the presentation should have been GAMES GAMES GAMES GAMES GAMES. They have shown that they are moving away from their core brand of Xbox is for gaming, and diluted it with Xbox is for TV. They need to correct that really quickly before it starts to destroy their brand.

      This is exactly what Sony did at the beginning of the PS3 lifecycle. Throwing it around as a set top box and a blu-ray player, but not doing much when it came to games. Sales were lacklustre. About 12-18 months in, they got their shit together and started showing people that it is in fact a gaming console and aggressively trying to get it into people's living rooms.
      Sales went up spectacularly.

    Are these the same media outlets that claimed Vista and Windows 8 were great when they were released... you know the ones that may as well just call themselves Microsoft PR?

    Why do some people have an obsession with telling anyone who degrees with THEIR opinion that they must be ignorant or a fanboy? Disliking it due to mandatory internet connectivity purely a method of DRM, mandatory Kinect DRM and obsurd restrictions on used games, are all perfectly rational & intelligent reasons.

    The potential for all of this DRM to set a dangerous precedent for future devices, is also a perfectly valid reason. Even if we are in the minority, it only further displays what's wrong with the industry and the mainstream who can't even be bothered attempting to understand why they should care about why this kind of arbitrary and invasive DRM is a very real problem.

    Maybe the 20% are the only ones smart enough to question and avoid the console, like the cancer that it is? It seems those who refuse to see it as an issue are the blind fanboys? I have a 360, PS3 & Wii, so its not like I'm a fanboy. I have also read much info regarding the the XB1, so I'm definitely not ignorant. I just simply despise such invasive DRM, therefore I would never even consider purchasing the console now.

    Simple really,

      I liked how you wondered why people insist anyone who disagrees is a fanboy, then you go on to call people who disagree with you fanboys. Good job.

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