Yes, Hardware, Your Art Still Looks Lovely

Here's another trailer for the upcoming Hardware: Shipbreakers, a strategy title being worked on by some ex-Homeworld devs. It looks great, but then, so has everything else the team has released so far.

Some gameplay footage would look a lot better.


    Ugh - wish this would hurry up so I can throw my money at them :|

      I have to resist the urge to do exactly the same, because I don't even know what the bloody game is going to play like! You can't sell me a game on concept art, dammit! That's not fair! It's cheating!

        I don't feel good about it, but I've already forked over the $99...

          This is how they get us! You know, I was actually going to preorder Aliens: Colonial Marines. I saw the steam notification that the preorder sale was coming to a close, that now was my last chance to get 'cool shit', and the video did look very impressive... But as my mouse hovered over the 'add to cart' button, I shrugged and decided I was tired of the preorder exclusive bonuses and crap.

          Next day, the heavens shook with the rage of the Internet and I breathed a sigh of relief at my good fortune.

          It was a sign. I don't preorder now, lest I anger some god of gaming.

          Last edited 21/05/13 6:03 pm

            Fair reasoning!

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