'You Are A Hunter And Your Primary Source Of Food... Is Dinosaur Meat'

Casting the player in the role of a bow-wielding dude on the prowl for Triassic-era steak, The Stomping Land is one of the more original concepts to land on Steam Greenlight. Throw in co-operative multiplayer, survival elements and the ever-present threat of being devoured by a giant carnivorous lizard and it's hard not to keep one's wallet/purse in their pants.

Sadly, the game is still in heavy development, so your bank account is safe for now, though the prototype video above shows a game that already has a lot of class. Basically, you run around taking out tiny dinosaurs, carving them up for sustenance and trying your best not to die. The only problem is gathering takes time and your puny human anatomy is no match for head-sized teeth.

That's why you can band together with other players, set traps, create camps and generally toss your lot in with your arrow-firing compatriots. Co-operation is "highly rewarded" though it's unclear whether this is from natural benefits alone or additional game-y bonuses applied on top.

Given the extremely low-tech nature of the gameplay, it'll be interesting to see how the developers ramp things up as the player progresses, but I get the impression your avatar might be very disposable, promoting a play style that rewards risk-taking.

Note that The Stomping Land is in the Concepts section of Greenlight, so your votes don't contribute to it getting on Steam. It's merely a way for the developer to gauge interest.

The Stomping Land [Official site, via RPS]


    So its kinda like Dayz bit with dinosaurs instead of zombies. I like

      Well, DayZ is basically a PVP game, there's not really much to the 'survival' part at all other than to add a certain flavour to the PVP. An actually cooperative survival game, though? That looks interesting.

    Why they had to use dinosaurs, I have no idea? The obvious choice for this is to do it when the megafauna still existed everywhere.

    I don't think it's an original concept at all, it's just a rip on Monster Hunter.

      Does MH have a survival element to it though? Sounds like in this game you need to hunt or you die of starvation, whereas I gather in MH you just kill things cause moar lootz.

    Looks good to me and i have not picked up either.

    Ahhh Dinosaurs. The most criminally under-used element of modern video games. There needs to be MORE

    This sounds remarkably similar to another game about hunting monsters. The title escapes me at the moment though.

    Monster Hunter jokes aside, it really seems they are trying to go for Day-Z with dinosaurs. The idea itself sounds pretty cool, but I'm not sure how engaging it would be without a constant threat.

    with better animations this could be something.

    This looks nothing like Monster Hunter what are you people talking about.

    This title was enough to make me throw all my money at this game.

    Survival is the best mechanic, Dinosaurs are the best setting, and co-op makes it all beautiful.

    but I get the impression your avatar might be very disposable, promoting a play style that rewards risk-taking.

    I don't like this though. What's the point of survival if my character's disposable? Make it permadeath!

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