You Could Always Print Your Own Bravely Default Figurines

You Could Always Print Your Own Bravely Default Figurines

Bravely Default‘s official Twitter account recently uploaded some Agnes Oblige figurines that were apparently done as a 3D printer test. They are somewhat rough. But if this one was finished and coated, it’d look pretty nice, I reckon.

Bravely Default is coming to Europe later this year. It’ll be out in North America in 2014.

こんなのが簡単に作れちゃうの面白いですね, 質感はこんな感じ, 実は2人います [BDFF_OFFICIAL]

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  • Pretty awesome if all the colours are done during a single printing process rather than several pieces, changing the plastic used and gluing them together, i wonder what printer it was made with?

      • Thanks, was hoping that it wasn’t Shapeways and was something new in the household range, its a great machine they have but i like to follow the progress in affordable at home printing, i might have to look into using them if my friend gives up on building the one he bought so i can test quality.

    • That kind of powdery finish it has suggests this is produced with a SLS machine. It fires a laser into a bed of polymer powder to build up the model. The resolution is much finer than you get in household 3D printing stuff (which extrudes layers of melted polymer through a print head), can do colors and handle overhanging pieces and the curves are smoother but it has that sort of sandpapery look.

      I think the SLS stuff is getting closer to being viable for owning at home but they’re still several thousand dollars I think, plus the materials cost more than buying the spools of ABS plastic that the cheaper home-oriented extrusion printers use.

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