You Could Kill A Super Mutant With This Homemade Fallout Weapon

The Shiskebab is one of the more ridiculous melee weapons in Fallout — I mean, it's a freakin' flaming sword! And GreekGadgetGuru built one like it, in real life. The thing looks crazy dangerous.

If you're the impatient type, skip to 2:50 in the video to see the thing in action.

Now, compare his creation with the Shiskebab in the game (image via Gameranx):

Not an exact replica, but it works similarly and mostly looks the same. I wonder if GreekGadgetGuru wrote up some schematics? I have a super mutant problem at current, you see.

V2.0Flame Machete FallOut Shishkebab MUST SEE!!! [GreekGadgetGuru]


    It's Thoros of Myr!!!

    Wouldn't the fuel in the pipe heat up and explode?

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