You'd Think A Horror Game Being Top-Down Would Make It Less Scary

But nope. Case in point: a terrifying new gameplay trailer for Darkwood, the procedurally generated top-down survival horror game we showed you two months back.

Incidentally, there's an Indiegogo campaign going on for the game, so if Darkwood seems like something you'd want to check out, have a look.


    Reminds me of an old indie title I loved called Notrium, released by Ville Mönkkönen, now going by the company name "Instant Kingdom"

    This... However is something incredible.
    I'll be putting a tenner towards this later on today, looks great.

    what am i looking at? aliens? monsters? what? it doesnt seem very scary - atmospheric maybe, but not scary

      I agree. I find it hard to really get into a game, especially a horror game, when you're limited to a top down perspective. With a top down perspective, I feel like I'm too far removed from the action, and therefore "safe", so it's not that scary. Meanwhile, a first or third person view makes it feel like I'm a part of what's going on, which adds to the immersion of the story and atmosphere, thus making a horror game actually scary.

    I'd love to put down the money for a boxed copy, but 120 bucks is a bit much. Oh well, I think I'll go for the $20 apprentice pack or the $30 Adept pack (I'm a sucker for game soundtracks).

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