20 Legendary Composers Want To Make An Album Celebrating Game Music

"Game audio is still something that's not really recognised for what it is," muses Rik Ede, composer for Wipeout HD and organiser of a Kickstarter to fund a brand new album created by some of the biggest names in video game music.

The people involved in the project represent a wide variety of genres, be that electronic music in the case of Deus Ex composer Alex Brandon, or orchestral music with World of Warcraft composer Tracy W. Bush. The final album will be similarly varied, featuring "classic chip-tune styling, as well as more cinematic, orchestral tracks, and everything in between."

The project aims to collect £7000 ($10,670) in 30 days, which will be used to pay for production costs and to create the backer reward DVDs. If video game music is something you regularly listen to, I'd strongly urge you to give the Kickstarter page a visit. This could end up being something quite fantastic.

Heroes of Video Game Music Album & DVD [Kickstarter]


    This is a lie. There are no legendary composers alive.

      Are you kidding J Dawg?




    I have recently been wishing I could buy my favorite game soundtracks on vinyl. The perfect nostalgia trip. Not just old games, the new Company of Heroes 2 music is pretty mega and would sound amazing on vinyl... as would the ultima underworld soundtrack :)

    You can't call something heroes of video game music if it doesn't include people like Nobuo Uematsu and Yasunori Mitsuda...

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