3200x800 Video Game Laughs At Your Single Monitor

What you're looking at here is Super Chain Crusher, a shmup (shoot-em-up) whose native resolution of 3200x800 is so long most modern video hardware cannot properly display it. So its developers encourage you to play it across two screens.

OK, so you can play it on one screen — and you can do it right now, as there's a playable demo — but you'd be missing the point.

Here's the breathlessly fantastic description, as laid down by Japanese developers Mindware:

3200 x 800 Adrenaline ! Blow away all standards with shooting on a galactic scale !


A PC game with a stunning 3200x800 pixels for ultra widescreen shooting! Create the longest series of chained explosions ever seen on this massive screen! Completely fill your gigantic ultra charge shot gauge to unleash a massive explosion 2000 pixels wide! It blows away all standards and crushes the competition! Introducing Super Chain Crusher Horizon!

Love it.

The game's up for voting on Steam Greenlight if you feel like this kind of insanity warrants a wider audience, though you can also buy the game straight from the developers.

[via Hardcore Gaming]


    Finally a game designed with digital artists in mind

    I'm currently rocking 6400x1600 across 3 screens - I demand a game that only displays at that exact resolution so that me and the 3 other people who could play it can vote for it on Greenlight.

    It is pretty cool if a game take into account a second screen though - Supreme Commander could use your second monitor to show a tactical map. Though I imagine there aren't many people that have more than one monitor so it's mostly a wasted feature. So optional extra = yes. Core feature = probably not a smart business decision.

      Yeah, why 800? I thought at least 1080 would have been more appropriate.

    as good a reason as any to get a 4k display :)

    I would say a big 'Fuck You' to the developer. Never to buy their game.

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