Teenagers Are Going To *Love* Safe Sex With Friends On The iOS

Teenagers Are Going To *Love* Safe Sex With Friends On The iOS

The intentions of this Games for Change competition are entirely honourable: give people incentive to create games that raise awareness about safe sex for teenagers, allow them to explore and learn about sexuality in a safe space. But part of me just knows. Take these games to teenagers in schools? Oh man, they will have a field day…

Take Safe Sex With Friends for example: a card game with hand-drawn penises that have eyes and mouths. It’s a puzzle game for iOS like Words With Friends except players use tiles that represent different types of sexual acts and different types of protection. If you link the sexual acts up to the correct type of protection, you score points I’m assuming.

I am a full grown man, and I’m finding it a little difficult to not laugh out loud at the penis drawings with testicles for eyes. I can’t imagine how teenagers are going to react.

Another entrant, Sex-Ed Super Task Force, is a game that allows players to join an Avengers style group of super heroes that want to spread the word about safe-sex. They must “learn the art of defense against such issues as STIs, unwanted pregnancy, and peer pressure”. Again, I’m stifling titters here. Man, I really need to grow up.

But you know what? Even if teenagers are laughing their arse off at these games, it’s possible they might learn something in the process and that’s valuable in the end.

But man, that is one cute little penis with testicles for eyeballs.

Apparently the winner of the competition will be announced between June 17 and June 19. The winner will receive $35,000.

Via Ian Bogost


  • This is awesome. I laughed my arse off. GG, game developers, GG!

    Seriously, though. I am amazed by the anatomical accuracy of their doodles. This truly is where art meets science. *falls off chair*

  • Oh, me, me! Pick me! I want to be “that guy”!
    In the sex positive world, we prefer to use the term “Safer Sex” rather than “Safe Sex”.

    (There’s always one, right?)

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