Sydney Plays Host To A Video Games Panel On Human Rights

Top Australian games critics Brendan Keogh and Katie Williams have written for Kotaku before but now, towards the tail end of next week's unavoidable E3 madness, they are part of an intriguing panel at the Australian Human Rights Commission in Sydney.

From 5.30pm until 7.00pm on 13 June 2013 they will be discussing big issues such as stereotypes in games, their depiction of women, video game violence and online bullying.

Brendan and Katie are being joined by Dr Christopher Moore, a Media and Communication lecturer from Deakin University, and Dr Melissa de Zwart, an Associate Professor at the Adelaide Law School.

I'm pretty gutted I won't be able to make this panel, but if it's of interest to you, you can head here for more information, or here to register for a place at the panel. The panel is completely free of charge and easily accessible by public transport, so why not attend?


    In all seriousness I'm kinda tired of all the wank about violent video games, sexism and what not.

      The Australian Human Rights Commission probably won't be like the standard fare you're used to seeing.

      Don't quote me on that.

      In all seriousness I'm kinda tired of all the wank from people dismissing serious problems simply because they're not affected by said problems and thus don't see them as real problems.

    I'd like to go, but there's no way i could be in the city by 5.30 on a Thursday.

      Yea, by that time I'm half an hour out and getting further every minute.

    Sounds very interesting. If only they had it on the Wednesday night instead. Oh, and starting from 6 as well. Would have registered right away.

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