64 Players Tear Up Shanghai In This Epic Battlefield 4 Gameplay Video

At their E3 press briefing today, EA showed off some of the rather hectic and explosive multi-player action we'll see in the newest incarnation of EA DICE's shooter series, Battlefield 4.

The trailer takes place in the massive Siege of Shanghai map, where 64 players wage war on land, sea and air. In addition to the fighting, the trailer also shows Battlefield 4's Commander Mode in action, which allows players to send out commands or order artillery strikes via Battlelog.

More about the Commander Mode can be seen in its own trailer, below.


    Which Utopian server is it where everyone in your team (let alone your squad) run for the objective in one big group?? haha

    Still... I love this.

      Lol that's exactly what I was thinking watching this!

      If you're in a platoon or playing with mates over comms happens all the time.

      though that MP is scripted to the T.

    Haha wow that game play was so scripted, and did he have god mode enabled? Still looks bloody darn good :)

    think the 64 players will be for xbox one too?

      Yeah, you will need to pay a small fee for each person the joins the server though.

    Nah, they only announced 64 players for the WiiU version, which sucks :(

      There is no WiiU version.....


    Scripted yes, and tho this is not my game type of choice, also looks hella fun!

    Then again, its not like we were short of choice when it came to pointing things that go bang with todays announcements. The Division and Destiny also showed some solid gameplay.

    Very staged in parts, but good showcase none-the less.

    I wish the other team would stand around like bots on all servers, make winning so much easier.

    Looks awesome, I will buy after its been out a month so I miss all the usual EA release mishaps.

    So this game will be released on five (PC, PS4, XBone, PS3 and 360) platforms? This could get real messy. EA and DICE struggled to fix things in BF3 with only 3 platforms.


    I love the music too so pumped at the end like I want to stomp on something !

    What about the knife counter at the end!!

    So stoked they brought back Commander.

    Oh no.. commander mode again.

    "You are the worst squad i have ever seen!"

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