A $10,000 Steel And Copper Dream PC

A  $10,000 Steel And Copper Dream PC

This is not a gaming PC. This is a handcrafted work of art. A work of art and advanced engineering, of course. It’s the Aventum II, and you can purchase one right now, though Digital Storm isn’t really expecting you to.

With base configurations starting at $US5000 and running as high as $US9500, it’s more of an appreciation piece than a sales magnet. So let’s appreciate.

That’s a custom-engineered steel case. It’s all metal — no plastic was used in the Aventum II’s construction. Along with looking good, efficient cooling was the goal here. The system comes with 22 chassis fans and an intelligent control system to regulate each according to need.

And then there’s those pipes. Those glorious nickle-plated copper cooling pipes. Inspired by high-end automotive cooling systems, each set is crafted by hand, making each system unique.

Armed with the cooling power of an army of frost giants, the Aventum II is then packed with high-end components. Overclocked Inter Core i7EE processors, up to three 6GB Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan cards — the case features a graphics card-dedicated side intake fan — it’s insane.

You can head over to the Digital Storm Aventum II page and configure one, if you’d like, but that’s likely as far as it will ever go. This is a PC that’s above and beyond. We can just admire from afar.


  • A PC with those specs I’d think would look like the spaceship core in ‘Event Horizon’ where by every time it’s turned on it creates a warp hole into another dimension of chaos… and gaming. But that’s just me.

    • Remember to factor in the 3x 6gb graphics card, that’s a total of 34gb worth of RAM. Knowing that anything Windows 7 Home Premium and under can only support 16gb, that more than enough 🙂

    • i sorta thought that too. considering everything else it comes loaded with, why not chuck in 64gig. even if only for the wow factor…
      meh. it’s still a freakin’ beast. and it looks too awesome. the pics make me think this was somewhat hot rod inspired. the way the cables are all neat, and the chrome.

  • why all those fans if it is liquid cooled? you would just need to cool the radiator.
    it looks like it even has a fan on the UNDERSIDE of the cpu…

  • Not much RAM, memory clock speed is only 1866. I’d swap the 3970x out for an overclocked 3930k & put that ~$500 I’d save towards more & better RAM using up more channels on the motherboard & a bigger SSD. Total cost for both upgrades would probably be around $450, that leaves me with enough $$ to buy a slab of beer to invite my buddies over so I can show off how big my ePeen is.

    Beautiful build, though. I’d love to know how they managed to get the chrome plated pipes done so I could mimic it in my next build.

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