A First-Person Puzzler That Blends Sci-Fi And Lovecraftian Horror

Frogwares, known mostly for their Sherlock Holmes brand of adventure games, brings us Magrunner: Dark Pulse, a first-person action-physics puzzler-platformer hybrid with the tagline "Technology Meets Cthulhu." Huh.

Magrunner takes place in 2050, where you, a space explorer hopeful named Dax, start out in a training facility meant to teach you how to use the Magtech glove. This useful piece of technology lets you charge various items in the environment, letting you solve the puzzles the facility throws at you using the power of magnetism. Also, there's... well. I'll let the game speak for itself:

However, you will soon understand that the training facility you have entered is hiding a darker secret… The high-tech installation that houses the training program quickly descends into a foreign, perilous parallel universe: the world of the Cthulhu Mythos, a strange land filled with sanity-shattering creatures imagined by H.P. Lovecraft.

In this dangerous world, your skills will be tested more than ever. Do not falter, for your very life is at stake… and the fate of mankind is in your hands.

OK, that actually does sound pretty cool. Magrunner: Dark Pulse comes to PC via Steam today. Releases for Xbox 360 and PS3 via Xbox Live and PlayStation Network will follow in September.


    Does look kinda cool for a downloadable title.

    Off-topic, are the Sherlock games any good?

      Short answer: "yes" with a "but".
      I've only played Testament myself, but I had a great time with it, and I've watched a playthrough of Ripper. It's not without its flaws, though; some clues are hard to spot, and can devolve into pixel-hunting, and figuring out how to proceed is occasionally problematic. The "deduction" mechanic for organising and interpreting clues is pretty cool, although it can be a bit trial and error at times (some clues are a bit ambiguous, and any of three possible inferences could conceivably be correct, but only one will allow you to progress).
      But that aside, I loved finding and analysing clues, making inferences and coming up with my own picture of what happened. A decent (if occasionally frustrating) puzzle game, with a brilliant story.
      They seem to improve with each iteration, so I can't wait for Crime and Punishment, one of the most overlooked announcements from E3 this year.

    In 2 minds about this. Lovecraft lore is sooo rich with untapped opportunity for games, but he wrote his works in the early 1900s and that's what I always associate with his "vibe". Cthulu mythos is epic, but also his dream stories are batshit insane and scary. If they're using it as a headline they better goddamn deliver.

      I agree. Similarities as to what can be considered failure whence drawing upon this rich tapestry exist across all matters of media (Film, spin off literature, music, games). Although I have always considered (at least since the late 90's) game wise that either or both 'The Whisperer in Darkness' and 'Shadow over Innsmouth' would/could work well in a somewhat silent hill inspired atmosphere and without ripping the gameplay mechanics off too substantially.

    Hopefully this takes notes from the first half of Dark Corners of the Earth.

    This seems like the combination of the 2 most random things you could imagine, a futuristic physics based 1st person puzzle platformer combined with the Lovecraft Mythos. Then again, I guess Cthulhu and the Old Ones are from the stars, so it might connect well enough some how.

    Either way, I'm on a total Lovecraft binge at the moment, so I'll check it out.

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    A totally new idea, not at all similar to DOOM.

    I kid, sounds good.

    Like Portal with horror?

    It looks like Portal with a different gameplay mechanic smashed together with Doom. It looks like jarring polar opposites but it could work if it's done right.

    Fuck yeah, I've been yearning for a good Lovecraft game since Call of Cthulu: Dark Corners which was the bomb.

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