A Game Where Having OCD Makes You Stronger

This is Rogue Legacy, an indie roguelike side-scroller in which you slash your way through randomly generated dungeons to fight monsters and earn treasure. Here's the big gimmick: if you die, you get to play as your character's child, and then when you die again, you'll play as that character's child and so forth. Every generation inherits loot from the one before them.

Each child has certain traits: a kid can be colourblind, for example, or hyperactive. If you're OCD, you'll gain hit points by breaking every pot you see. Naturally.

Sounds neat, yeah? Rogue Legacy is out today for PC and Mac. You can check out the demo on its official website.


    Game is fantastic and a novel take on the Metroidvania and rogue-like genres.

    It's a real pity that the main exposure for the Kotaku viewer base is through such a poor and inaccurate title. The OCD trait actually rewards the player with 1 mana point for every destructible environmental item.

    Give the demo a crack, and then if you're keen, choose between the Humble store front-end on the devs' website, GOG, or Steam.

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