A Game Where Keeping Your Date Alive Is Surprisingly Difficult

Save the Date is one of the more clever games I've played in recent memory. It's a visual novel with a simple premise: go out to dinner with someone. Well, it should be simple, except every time you try it, the dinners turn into scenarios that would be right at home in the Final Destination movies.

As if the pressure to be good company at dinner weren't enough.

But more interesting than that is that the game knows you're going to reload and try other stuff. It expects you to, even. Dialogue options on retries will reference stuff you did on other playthroughs, and each new playthrough sees you using knowledge you gained in a bad run. Reloading and trying again is stuff we'd normally do when we don't get our way while playing something, sure, but it's still neat to see a game account for that/work it into the gameplay.

The game also uses all that knowledge to make a clever point about the odd, kind of dehumanizing way we play games. Like I said, it's clever stuff.

I'd say more but I don't want to spoil too much — give Save the Date a try here. You can get through it in about 30 minutes, and it's well worth your time.


    What in incredibly addictive game. I'm Must find a scenario where she lives!

    Thanks for the heads-up about the game, Patricia :)

    Quite interesting.

    Even more interestingly, by subverting the nature of how we treat our non-diegetic connection with games, this one plays right into it until it breaks the fourth-wall.

    And by the way if anyone is one of those guys who avoids things they consider 'pretentious' then you should probably steer clear of this one.

      "...one of those guys"
      Sexism! SEXISM!
      Man the Ion cannons!

        Shhhhh Patricia will hear you and pop an ovary.

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          Oh shit, sozzlepops. I mean;
          "FeMan the Iron cannons!"

          wow, literally pop and ovary

          Last edited 02/06/13 5:44 pm

    That poor girl is just destined to die isn't she

    Oh man, this game is so addictive frustrating! :P

    You can hack the game to get a scenario where they live through the date

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