A Level Pack To Prove That Duke Nukem 3D Still Has It

The creators of Metropolitan Mayhem, an urban-themed level pack for Duke Nukem 3D, uploaded a brand-spanking new trailer for their mod, which came out in... March 2012. Odd timing. Still, there's "an hour's worth of oldskool entertainment" to be had, so if you've got Duke 3D and like the way this looks, dig in!

New Trailer Released For Duke Nukem 3D's Metropolitan Mayhem Mod [DSOGaming]


    Where's my new content for Blood?!

    was the best of the Build Engine games by far!

    Duke Nukem 3D will always still have it. It was so goddamn good.

    It's silly though, when they do trailers like this and they're running around in godmode.
    Makes you wanna call'em wimps!

      I spent hours walking around in God Mode at a mate's just enjoying all the random shit the community came up with, the brideg from Star Trek and random cities and stuff. SO much fun! :D

    ...Wait... what drugs were you on? 'Cause that sounds like one hell of a day.

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