A Monster Hunter Game More People Might Actually Play

Look, I know there's this weird underground movementg trying to get Monster Hunter going in the West, but most people - myself included - just aren't feeling it. Mostly that's down to the combat and reliance on party multiplayer, but I'm starting to wonder if the game's looks don't have something to do with it.

At least, that's all I can think of as to why I suddenly want to play this mock-up of a Game Boy version done by British artist Gary Lucken (who we've featured before). That and "Stabasco", which is marvellous, and should be trademarked immediately.

He's even done two versions, one mono, one GBC! Thoughtful.

Monster Hunter [Twitter]


    Might be that Monster Hunter is essentially the worst parts of MMO grind without even being an MMO. I tried playing through the newest one on 3ds but gave up very quickly. What junk!

      I could not disagree with you more. Sure, you have to grind, but the grinding is okay because the combat is damn fun.

      Figuring out and studying the monsters is what it's all about. It's like Shadow of the Colossus, minus the climbing, minus the minimalistic genius, add RPG elements, difficulty and more monsters.

      I don't know, I really enjoy it. I like the challenge of it and being stuck on certain creatures.

    Most people aren't feeling it?
    Most people are bad at games... Coincidence?

    The colour version looks pretty good, I'd play that.

    Am i part of this 'weird underground' by playing Monster Hunter?

    Sounds kinda rough.

    Weird underground movement?! Monster Hunter has always had a fairly large following and hasn't struggled to appeal to western audiences at all.
    Also the majority of gamers like multiplayer features and you are hardly end up relying on it in this game, you have a choice.

    Weird underground movement indeed.........bit of a stretch to sell the article theme

    Eh, this game felt a hell of a lot like a poaching sim.

    Ultimately there's no accounting for taste. I enjoy Monster Hunter, JRPGs, puzzle and rhythm games and dislike most FPS' for their mundanity but hey, I have an opinion, I voice it but don't expect people to agree with me.


    Look, I know there’s this weird underground movementg trying to get Call of Duty going in the West, but most people – myself included – just aren’t feeling it. Mostly that’s down to the combat, reliance on multiplayer and the community, but I’m starting to wonder if the game’s looks don’t have something to do with it (in that it looks like every other FPS).

      See i love puzzle games and jrpgs, but cant stand monster hunter, personally i think it is the look, i played the original and hated it after about 10 hours, i couldnt stand looking at my character or doing missions in the same zone over and over (it did feel like an MMO without the good elements).

      And given i dont play console games online i spose that adds to teh couldnt progress very far since i played a mid range character with very low health lol.

        I find the challenge makes up for the grind, not to mention the different ways you can approach taking down the monsters. The more you kill a monster, the more you, yourself (not your avatar), learn about it. Having that knowledge feels good, and that's what I tend to look for in games. For example, I can pretty much tell you the quickest way to kill all the Colossi in Shadow of the Colossus; having that knowledge feels good, and I learnt it from playing the shit out of that game.

        I feel like Monster Hunter makes a game mechanic out of that. You become a better Monster Hunter the more you grind because you learn more about what you're up against, and that knowledge can be applied to the monsters you face later on; it's not just your avatar that gets stronger, you, as a player, do as well, and that's gameplay value.

    Both images have the L button item switcher...

    Gameboy Color didn't have an L button

    But the concept is still cool, just needs refinement of those little nuances.

    I remember 2-4 player games on the GB and GBC, mess of cables. :)

    First thought in response to title: Put it on a platform for Real Games(tm)?

    As far as I can tell there are maybe five good games on the wii if you don't include social/sports/party games, so even though I every now and then saw hints of what might be a good game on it, it was never enough to sell the platform. This includes Monster Hunter.
    (Also: I hate motion control. But apparently almost every game on the wii needs to have it. So...)

      Are you talking about the Wii or the Wii U? Because it's on the Wii U now, and while the Wii U has motion support, it's not really a big thing from the games I've played, and it's not a thing at all in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

      I didn't really like the Wii, but I'd be kidding myself if I said I didn't like the Wii U. That gamepad seems gimmicky, but it really shines in games like Monster Hunter.

      Last edited 18/06/13 12:03 pm

        I was talking about the wii, but the same pretty much applies to the wii U. Granted - the pad is better and at least it would be hi-def. (Those Monster Hunter wii graphics were terrible.) But it's still not a system seller, and I can't think of anything that is. ZombieU looks OK? I assume there'll be some kind of Zelda game at some point too, but that hasn't done it for me for over a decade.

          There will be the classic Nintendo games I guess, I mean, that's enough to sell it to me, because I think Nintendo are one of the only triple A companies who can still make solid games, but if you're not keen on Super Smash Bros, Pikman 3, new Zelda, new Metroid, new Donkey Kong and the HD remake of Wind Waker, then there isn't much else.

          I will testify for that gamepad though. It's surprisingly good.

            That's kind of what I was thinking. I read Kotaku a fair bit and it has a definite wii/handheld focus compared to many other sites, so I expect if a system-seller came along I'd have heard about it. (Eg: fire emblem for DS.)

              Oh man, the 3DS realy snuck up on me with that. Suddenly I heard Fire Emblem: Awakening was coming out, so I decided to take the 3DS a little more seriously and check out what else was coming and now I have no choice but to buy one.

              Hopefully we get the same thing with the Wii U, although I can see a lot of the good Wii U titles coming out for 3DS as well.

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