A New Deus Ex Game Might Be Coming To E3

A New Deus Ex Game Might Be Coming To E3

In March, Square Enix registered some websites for something called Deus Ex: The Fall. It didn’t raise too many eyebrows at the time because, whatever, dummy and decoy websites get made all the time.

But today, only a week out from E3, the official Twitter account of Eidos Montreal – the developers behind Deus Ex: Human Revolution – said this:

Well now. It’s been two years since Human Revolution was released, so we’re about due to see a follow-up. Exciting.


      • Nope. Gonna have to strongly disagree as first person is the ideal viewing angle for this sort of thing; with the exception of crafting it more like a MGS stealth game that is.

        • Guess I disagree with you as well.

          Not sure what you mean by “this sort of thing”. Everything you can do in game you can do in third person, and with the added element of stealth as you say, I’d prefer it somewhat in third person.

      • How is a DX-style HUD (based in eyeballs or glasses) going to work in third person? Just saying….

        • well when playing deus ex machina, I found the most fun parts were when you were in third person, covering corners, shooting from behind walls, etc.

          I like playing sneaking up on people and incapacitating them. In first person its harder to judge distance for when I can pull off a move. Also in first person its harder to judge the size of your own character for when you want to hide from line of sight of the enemy.

          Not once did I run and gun in game. So yea, third person for me.

      • I would strongly disagree as well. If they went 3rd person (which would be cool) they really need to leave the first person view as well.

        That way you can pick and choose, and everyone can be happy. Otherwise everyone who’s played the preceding 3 deus ex titles are going to be a little miffed.


    I won’t be pre-ordering or day-one purchasing because god-fucking-dammit I refuse to participate in publisher greed-enabling behaviour anymore, but I’m very optimistic about seeing good reviews and videos to confirm what is likely to be a purchase at full (American) retail price. 🙂

  • Hopefully the recent Director’s Cut of Human Revolution on the Wii U, means that The Fall, will also be on Wii U. Dunno… Third Party Support….

  • When I see the words “The Fall” I cannot stop thinking about the boring “Total Recall” remake.

  • Fantastic. I really liked DE:HR. It was a little constrained, but with the success of HR, maybe “The Fall” will be a lot bigger. They ran out of money and time making HR – they had several more hub worlds planned, and even started developing some of them before the publisher told them in no uncertain terms to ship the game. Now, with success on their belt, hopefully Square will give them the resources they deserve to make a really big world.

    • I hope so. HR fell flat as it from the lack of hubs compared to the first and the more confined nature. Now they have assets and a game engine done so surely they can make a bigger game on par with Deus Ex 1.
      I wonder if it will be current gen or next too?

      • If they want to make money it’ll work on 360 and PS3. And it strikes me S.E. wants to make money.

      • Also the lack of people on the streets hurt it a lot. Remember the riot? It was the same, empty streets with a few cop bots and audio effects. Hopefully they have the resources to do that kind of thing justice this time round.

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