A New Super Smash Bros. Challenger Appears…


Breaking Smash Bros. news out of Nintendo’s E3 booth event — along with Mega Man and Animal Crossing‘s villager — the Wii Fit girl will be joining oh who cares.

*sits at his desk eating pistachios, shaking his head* What are… *sighs* I…

I’ve got nothing.

To clarify, this is a real thing — a new playable character. Nintendo seemed excited about it. They are completely in touch.

At least the video is hilarious.

Update: Here she is in action:


  • My last personal trainer was female, I ended up in tears and vomiting in the toilets at the gym one time.

    This presents somewhat of a problem.

  • Seems the video of her in action is broken. A shame, I was looking forward to seeing how that would work

    EDIT: Now it’s working, I guess I’m just slow

  • I suppose if they can find a way to game the Game & Watch man work, they can find a way to make the Wii Fit girl work. Doesn’t make it any less odd though.

  • Everyone seems to be dissing on Nintendo at the moment but as an avid super smash brothers player I think this is super interesting and my gf was like “I want to play as the girl from wii fit”

  • Uhh, thats freaking awesome, Smash Bros. never made sense, why start now?

    I can’t wait to play as her!

  • Perfect character from three different perspectives.

    She’ll have an interesting moveset.
    She will represent the entire Wii X series.
    I’m glad we have another female character, especially one who isn’t a princess.

  • Agree with @Firaenix and @kataphrut. Had a smile on my face when I saw this. Looks like a cool character.

  • yea why not right? now all they have to do is add Dr. Kawashima from the brain training series and of course…. non-specific action figure!!

    Pleeeeeeeease put in non-specific action figure!

  • The reveal videos aren’t as cool as in the past (like when Solid Snake popped out of his box), but still awesome.
    As for Wii Fit Trainer, she’s a rather hilarious addition. I approve.

  • I was completely unconvinced, then I watched the trailer and I was completely convinced.

  • i thought it was brilliant. just because wii fit isn’t in touch with “hardcore” gamers doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy this addition. they’ve made the character work, and honestly i find her addition much cooler than the villager from animal crossing.

    however, she’s not as cool as megaman, megaman wins.

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