A Sports Game Metal Gear Fans Should Keep An Eye On

This brief, teasing video is for Konami’s upcoming Pro Evolution Soccer 2014. It’s a bigger deal than this clip is making it out to be though, as it’s going to be the very first game released on the publisher’s new Fox Engine.

The same thing that’ll be powering the upcoming Metal Gear games (though Pro Evo’s is of course slightly modified).

That’s not to say it’s not a big deal for sports fans either though. Pro Evolution has played second fiddle to FIFA all generation long, with an engine that in places feels lightyears behind EA’s, and in other places looks straight-up last-gen. Fox should hopefully change that, which is good news for football fans.


  • The best part? You can hide in a box when you get the ball and no one knows where you have gone.

  • I saw the developers conference fox engine 2013 demo. From what I saw it was focused on photorealism and cinematic effect. This totally agrees with what I see here in this trailer. Never the less the more games use this engine the better.

    • That conference was specifically about the visuals. They did a closed door one sometime last year which showed AI behaviour and from what little information came out it was pretty damn impressive. They showed how NPCs would adapt their movements in real time based on changes in terrain and objects they encounter.

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