A Vib Ribbon Music Video. It's Glorious.

Kiwi band Delete Delete and effects house Effective...Effects teamed up on this clip for the group's song What Do You Take Me For?

It's not so much a thinly-veiled tribute as a flat-out homage, and makes me wish this was actually a Vita game so bad.

Delete Delete - What Do You Take Me For? [YouTube]


    Oh my!! So good! :')

    Vib Ribbon was fantastic as is this video, it would be amazing if there was a version for smartphones that used your music library but thats just wishful thinking....

    I've had the songs from Vib Ribbon in my head since the game came out all those years ago. That clip was awesome! Great song... I was half expecting it to break out into Sunny Day! "There's no time, hurry up! Everything is so fantastic!"...

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