A Wonderful Wii U Game

Maybe it's because it's a hard game to nail in a single sentence, maybe because it's Platinum's "other" Wii U game (after Bayonetta 2), but Wonderful 101 has sadly not gotten the attention it deserves this week. Let's change that.

I mean, what's there not to love about a game that can channel Viewtiful Joe and Pikmin at the same time? And has five-player co-op? And is out in August, ending a Wii U game drought?


    This looks great really can't wait to get this game.

    most wii u games are getting no attention, its dissapointing that most game sites are ignoring them,the game looks great and platinum makes it so theres that

    I think people haven't really taken notice because they think it's a pikmin clone or something. But mechanically, the games couldn't be any more different. This is an action game. It just doesn't look like the others.

    i would like to see wedgewood (red) in the new smash bros. his design is awesome and reminds me of viewtiful joe but a way cooler version.

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