After Getting Laid Off From Zynga, These Guys... Partied?

A year ago, sketch-centric guessing game Draw Something became an inescapable phenomenon, pulling in millions of people each day. That success led to a surprising $US210 million acquisition of dev studio OMGPOP by Zynga. On Monday, many of those creators were victim of a harsh 520-person culling as Zynga desperately tries to re-structure. But were those laid-off employees sad? Doesn't sound like it.

After those massive Zynga layoffs left them jobless, Business Insider reports, the people at the studio who made Draw Something did the only thing that makes sense: they shredded Zynga t-shirts and got drunk. The article has former employees pointing out the paradox of laying off the company's most successful mobile developers even as Zynga claimed a shifting of focus into mobile as a reason for the lay-offs. From the sound of things, OMGPOP simply wasn't being given enough — or even anything — to do. Being freed from a situation like that, which can't possibly feel good, seems like reason to raise a little hell.

INSIDE ZYNGA'S LAYOFFS: Employees Held A Boozy, Hoodie-Shredding Party After Being Told They Were Fired [Business Insider]


    Yeah sux when you come into work and there's nothing to do. So you just wait and then ask for work only to get told to wait more.

      Had that happen at a job once, very, very quiet. Lots of surfing the web, then downloaded and read PDF's of the Harry Potter series, All of Dan Brown's books then made a good dent in Stephen King until I got a better job!
      Reading PDF's kind of looked like work.

        Yeah. Well I am here and able to reply quickly often so yeah.

    Wow, reading all of Dan Brown's books, you must have been bored.
    I feel for you man.

    sounds like a decent job to me...its what a lot of pollies seem to do :P

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