Aha, The Post-Apocalypse In The Last Of Us Was Justin Bieber’s Fault

Some people might blame the fungus zombies for destroying society in The Last of Us. But based on this Uncharted easter egg video by mynameisfeli, I’d say we should blame the collapse of society on Justin Bieber instead.

Spoilers for various easter eggs in The Last of Us follow.

It’s a tad difficult to read, but this newspaper which you can find in The Last of Us says Justin Bieber plays Nathan Drake in Uncharted 13. That’s…a lot of Uncharted movies. Hmm, should we blame sequels for the post-apocalypse instead?

Either way, that isn’t the only Uncharted easter egg in the game. At some point, you can come across some more Uncharted and Jak and Daxter easter eggs, like this board game one — here’s video by NukemDukem.

Finally, GamerForEternity has footage of Sackboy-like dolls of Uncharted and Jak and Daxter characters which you can find.

The real question is of course if is there an easter egg hidden somewhere in The Last of Us that teases Naughty Dog’s next game, like Uncharted 3 did?


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