Aliens Invade The White House In This 10-Minute Saints Row IV Preview

Technically, the mansion where America’s chief executive lives is called the White Crib in Volition’s latest open-world action game. But, given that it gets blown up about two minutes into this preview of Saints Row IV, the new name doesn’t seem like that big a deal.

In the clip above, which originally debuted at E3, you'll see the gangsta-turned-president get those superpowers and show off some new moves as he tries to repel an extraterrestrial invasion. That super-speed running looks like a lot of damn fun.


    Why even bother. This is just a god damn cock tease for those of us wanting this game in any sort of legal manor. I even had the dubstep gun pack pre ordered. Fuck you ACB you bunch of nonsensical cave dwelling douchbags

      Calm down there. You'll still get your Saints Row 4 sans the anal rape dildo gun.

        Yay for edited versions of a game rated specifically for adults. Just spent 20 minutes beating random people in SR3 with a giant vieny purple cock bat and *cuts rant short, wrong place*. Anger is justified and wont hold breath in regards to the edited version even though the likelyhood is high.......

    Looks like shit.
    Volition must feel deeply embarrassed releasing this crap around the same time as The Last of Us and GTA 5.

    Last edited 30/06/13 12:08 pm

      I love how little logical sense this comment makes. <3

      Last of Us looks great because its a linear shooter/platformer. You cant compare Volition and R*.

    Arguments about freedom of choice will never win this battle. Money will. The policies of the ACB have to hurt retail and local online stores to the point where they have no choice but to fight for change. Altering products to pass our restrictive censorship regime ensures that change will never come, because even if the people who read gaming news decide to import, most do not.

    The realist in me believes this was the desired outcome for the censorship lobby to begin with. Give the gaming public a token R rating, and make it impossible to take it any further.

      That's right all that money going offshore to buy the unedited version will give local businesses better ammo to force reform.

    Kind of makes me think they've made a fun version of CRACKDOWN???? O_o

    Hell, I'm looking forward to it in a big way :D

    Irrespective of the issues with the ACB and a full uncensored release I still cannot find it in me to like what Saints Row offers.

    I can see the appeal and I can understand that people can have an immense amount of fun with the games. But for me there's just too much bravado and silliness (for want of a better word) which just makes me don a wry smile and turn my attention elsewhere.

    So for me the denied classification means little with regards to Saint's Row as a franchise, but there definitely needs to be more pressure from the publishers, developers and retailers to usher in a more appropriately executed classification system with regards to the R18+ rating.

    It's all one big joke. And as much as I don't want to admit it, I see Saints Row as one big joke as well. Only one that stops being funny after a short amount of time.

    What Duke Nukem Forever should of been. sadly DNF was made by 3Drealms. (u know the rest)

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