Alienware's Hefty New Light-Up Laptops Are Available Now

E3 is on right now, and along with the new consoles, we're also getting treated to a new line of Alienware laptops. The new trio of machines boast fresh 700M series Nvidia graphics and Intel's new 4th generation Haswell chips, along with a new look that's more like that X51 tower (which is getting its own guts update) but chunky as ever.

The new laptops come in three flavours. There's the $US1200 14-incher with GeForce GT 750M graphics, the $US1500 17-inch with GeForce GTX 765M graphics, or the 18-inch mammoth with GeForce GTX 765M graphics. All come with 8GB of RAM and Core i7 processors. Of course, if we were going to shell out for a pimpin' gaming laptop, we'd have to side with the sleek, slim Razer Blade over these plus-size suckers. But to each his own. If this is what you're into, all three laptops are available online starting today. It shouldn't be too long before it hits Alienware's Australian site.


    It shouldn’t be too long before it hits Alienware’s Australian site.

    Unfortunately.... for tripple the price!

    Actually, I've found that Alienware Oz compares very well with the US prices. When you see the massive price difference it's because our base models are much higher specced than theirs. You add all the extras we get and it's about the same. The difference is we are forced to buy the higher specced.

    I don't know if it's just a bad camera angle or what, but this laptop look 2 or 3 inches thick! Is that just something you have to be at peace with when you buy a gaming laptop?

      Is that just something you have to be at peace with when you buy a gaming laptop?

      No, the Razar has very similar specs and is very thin, .66 inches.

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