All-Time Greats Will Be Featured In NBA Live 14, Designer Says

All-Time Greats Will Be Featured In NBA Live 14, Designer Says

Hall-of-fame stars from the NBA’s past will be a part of NBA Live 14, though exactly how isn’t known, as one of the game’s designers took to Twitter to roll out some early details of a title that will have a lot to prove when it arrives.

The details came out of a Thursday afternoon Q&A with Scott O’Gallagher, a gameplay designer, and Sean O’Brien, the title’s new executive producer. 40 different players will have signature moves, O’Gallagher said, with dunk packages that can be assigned to players (particularly created ones). “NBA Live 14 will feature legends,” he said, but if this is a specific showcase mode (or their presence on rosters in play-now modes) or if they’re limited to appearing in an Ultimate Team mode, he didn’t say.

It’s not usual for a sports game releasing in NBA Live 14‘s window to be discussing features, even obliquely, this early. NBA 2K14 hasn’t. NBA Live 14 will appear only on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Though it hasn’t been officially announced as a day-and-date launch title, GameStop is carrying an NBA Live 14 PS4 launch bundle, which hints that it should be. NBA 2K14 will release on Oct. 1 for the Xbox 360 and PS3, and will also launch alongside the PS4 and Xbox One.

O’Gallagher talked up the game’s new dribbling system, authenticity of its A.I. and promised “a surprise coming later,” apparently in relation to NBA Live‘s broadcast presentation. They’ve hired a “shoe guru” and will be paying close, weekly attention to who wears what, as many fans are vocal sticklers for such things.

But O’Gallagher seemed also to understand people wanted more specific and concrete features, and perhaps are owed them given the series’ troubled three-year history. “I understand the urgency,” he said, replying to Operation Sports‘ Steve Noah, who had asked when a full 5-on-5 gameplay demonstration would be shown. “We are planning this now for later this [winter].”

NBA Live 14 Q&A Session Provides Some Significant New Info [Pasta Padre]


    • Using that train of thought, pretty much no Legends will be in it as they are all with 2k Sports?
      I wonder how their contractual agreements work in this case?

      • They would sign deals with NBAPA (NBA Players Association) which includes legends but some players like Michael Jordan & Charles Barkley they would sign individual deals (basically to make more money for themselves)…I beleive Scottie Pippen has that sort of deal as well (if you remember the furore from fans that he was not in the Dream Team for NBA 2K13)…Hence why in the Phoenix Suns playoff teams are not in NBA 2K12 or 2K13 due to Barkley’s licence (his likeness deal was only for the Dream Team)

        • Thankyou kind sir. Always was curious but never really bothered to investigate!

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