An Easy Fix For The Last Of Us's Annoying Save Game Glitch

A number of threads, posts and tweets around the web indicate that some players are having trouble saving in Naughty Dog's latest game, The Last of Us. If the glitch kicks in, then the game tries to autosave but can never complete the task, resulting in lost progress.

While not everyone experiences the glitch (no one at Kotaku has encountered it), Sony says that there's an easy fix.

This is what Sony had to say:

Some players may have been encountering an issue with The Last of Us which affected the autosave feature, which can result in a loss of progress in the single-player campaign. The team at Naughty Dog has been diligently investigating as soon as we heard from our community, and we have determined the cause to be on servers for The Last of Us which were capturing player statistics. We have made a change to ours to address this issue. All players should quit any game in progress out to the XMB and restart The Last of Us. All players can now enjoy single-player and online multiplayer matches as normal.

And there you have it. Did you encounter this problem? Did Sony's solution work for you? Let us know in the comments.


    I really can't be bothered going back. I lost 6 hours of gameplay and was about halfway through the game. I don't think I have it in me to play the cutscenes, err I mean game again. It really isn't that good. So predictable...The MP on the other hand, I like...

      Same I lost about 5 hours. I was wondering why it kept saying waiting to auto save and I couldn't manually save as well. Turned on PS3 this morning and nothing got saved .... shame

      I don't think you were halfway through the game at 6 hours. It felt like it went for a million years.

      Everytime you thought you were close it would get dragged out another few hours.

        Nah I checked the game guide. I finished up at the end of chapter 4 according to the guide. And there's only 8 chapters to the game.

          You must just be moving much faster than I was :D

            Best option really around the clickers. Just cruise on by them most of the time really. Engaging them is useless I've found...

    I'm gutted I don't have as much time for games these days with family and work commitments so after carving 5 hours out last night to play the last of us. I'm back to the prologue.

    What makes this worse is that it was due to naughty dog spying on my single player activities. That might sound an extreme conclusion but it kinda really hits home with recent policies announced for the new consoles.

    Anyway as mentioned I'm gutted, this is the first big disappointment naughty dog has hit me with, and I've followed them through the uncharted series. So I'm willing to cut 'em some slack but after waking up early to sneak in some playtime before I start my day, then finding my progress lost, and I don't really feel like doing them again right now.

    This did affect me, I lost about 3 hours progress. Starting again.

    Yeah I lost about an hour and a half. Really sucks, totally soured the game session for me :(

    this isn't really a fix is it? You will still suffer a loss of progress. Another reason why online anything and single player do not mix. Jonathan Blow said "you shouldn't engineer failure into your product." He is right.

    Last edited 15/06/13 9:40 am

    Bummer. Haven't had a chance to pick this game up yet, hopefully today.

    Glad to see issues like this are being looked at.

    It would suck to have played for a while and totally be into it just to have a break and come back to nothing.

    I lost 2 hours bit of a buzz kill but I can now do it again with out the pointless deaths so their is one plus to it lol

    Every friend I have that's played this, has had the issue. I haven't yet but I urge those who have experienced it to play again because the game is fantastic!

    When they say "restart The Last Of Us" do they just mean reloading the game from the XMB, or actually abandoning my game in progress and restarting? I got hit by this but only lost an hour or two progress. Just wondering if I need to restart from the beginning to avoid this happening again?

      No, just restart from XMB. Existing saves are fine :)

    Do you have to be online to play this? I have preordered it but didn't think about that.

      My PS3 is not hooked up to the net at all and I passed the game without seeing this bug once.

        Winning solution! I'll do the same when I get around to buying the thing.

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