Animal Crossing's Smash Bros. Crossover: Food For Thought

After the PS4 beatdown, the next-biggest thing amongst internet gif makers last week was the announcement of the Animal Crossing villager for the new Smash Bros. game.

He was portrayed as everything from a psycho to a...psycho, something which may have made you laugh, but did anyone think of his feelings? He's just a kid, working hard to pay off his mortgage, sending letters to his mum, and you turned him into a monster.

Animal [KakuJomics, via Insanely Gaming]


    This is exactly what a psycho would want you to think!

    I never got the whole psycho thing, and I didn't find it funny. Just watching his gameplay makes him seem more silly and playful than psychotic so I never made that connection.

      I think it was his introduction. Just have a look at when he first appears behind mario.

      It's the permanent vacant look on his face. Sure, there's a "smile" and "happiness" there. But you can tell it's just a veneer, a hollow projection masking the emptiness inside. You ever heard someone say "he seemed so nice", or "he was pretty quiet, kept to himself" whenever someone just snaps? Because it's always the quiet ones. Always.

        I've heard someone say "He/she was an extroverted and abusive d*******" after a snapping has occurred. Your point is what?

    its the eyes. its all in those dead, cold, staring, unblinking, soul eating eyes.

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