Assassins’ Creed IV Cosplay Begins With This McFarlane Toys Creation

Assassins’ Creed IV Cosplay Begins With This McFarlane Toys Creation

OK, any Assassins’ Creed cosplay is going to start with a white hood, but soon after that you’re going to need a weapon. Comic book legend Todd McFarlane provides, with a replica of Edward Kenway’s Hidden Blade Gauntlet so pretty you can barely tell it’s plastic.

McFarlane Toys is doing lovely things with the Assassin’s Creed licence, using up all the white paint to create some really sexy assassin figures, as seen at Toy Fair earlier this year. McFarlane has been a champion of franchises traditional toy companies wouldn’t touch, catering to the adult collector with stunning original and licensed works. His company’s work is so distinctive that I knew where this replica Hidden Blade Guantlet came from the moment I saw it.

“You think it’s leather until you actually touch it,” McFarlane told me during an interview earlier this week, obviously proud of what his company has created. “We’re simulating the look of leather on it, down to where it tightens around your wrist… there are wrinkles. We were looking at real leather when we sculpted it.

Looking at these images I curse my giant size and massive forearms — one size fits most does not apply to me. Then again, were I to dress all in white I’d look less like an assassin, more like a slow-moving cloud bank. At least I would be a well-armed cloud bank. This thing look downright dangerous.

“It does,” agrees McFarlane. “I think from a distance people will go ‘Whoa, what is that?’ When you press the spring it actually shoots out, like a blade should. There’s a snap to it. Then you get to the end and realise you can curl the tip on it, so it’s not going to do any real damage.” Awww.

McFarlane Toys’ Hidden Wrist Blade is an incredibly detailed piece of role-play gear that’s sure to have countless Edward Kenway cosplayers checking weaponry off of their list and moving on to making vests and hoods. A GameStop exclusive shipping later in the year, it will be available for preorder soon at the retailer’s website for $US39.99.


  • Love it. Absolutely love it. Interests me a lot more than the next AC game, which I will end up getting (on the pc most likely), but after 3, I’ve learnt my lesson, I will wait and see if its just cut and paste again.

  • I already own a ‘Brotherhood’ blade… But I think I’ll get this one too. That’s some serious craftsmanship put into it.

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