At Least Microsoft Is Winning The Console War In My Hotel Bathroom

The hotel maids stuck this sign in our bathroom while we were at today's E3 press conferences. It doesn't make much sense. "All in one. Input one." It literally means nothing, as Stephen pointed out yesterday. Sony might be winning the war for our living rooms, but at least Microsoft won the war for my hotel bathroom.


    The only thing that possibly comes to mind...

    Perhaps they're looking to take tablets on for the platform of choice on the toilet?

    Does it feel like you're being watched? You are.

    There is a pissing all over microsoft line in there somewhere but it is late and I seem unable to come up with anything.

    Hello front desk? Yes, the cleaning lady took a dump and smeared it on my mirror, could you come up and remove it?

    Putting signs in the bathroom is not at all creepy, coming from the company who wants an permanent CCTV camera in your living room.

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