At Least One Developer Wants To Remake Metal Gear Solid

Game designer Hideo Kojima might not actually be actively looking for someone to remake his magnum opus. But at least one developer wants to step up to the plate.

Earlier this week, rumours circulated that Kojima and crew were looking for a game studio willing to remake Metal Gear Solid on their fancy new Fox Engine (which they're using to build the upcoming MGSV). Kojima took to Twitter yesterday to clarify, saying he isn't actively looking for a studio, but that he'd "love to ask" one to remake the game that turned Solid Snake into an icon.

Today, one studio offered their services: a British developer called Just Add Water. Here's what they have to say:

Dear Mr Kojima,

We read with great excitement on VG247 that you were looking for a studio to work with to develop a Metal Gear Solid remake using the Fox Engine, that your team has been hard at work creating.

We at Just Add Water feel ideally positioned to do the remake justice for several reasons:

  1. We have experience working with legendary IP (Oddworld Inhabitants) and treating the subject matter with the respect it deserves.
  2. Many members of our team are huge Metal Gear fans, with very good knowledge of the source material.
  3. We really, really want to do it.

For evidence of our abilities, please check out not only the HD treatment of Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath, released on PlayStation3, VITA and PC, but the current re-creation of Abe’s Oddysee, titled Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty.

We eagerly await your response.

Love and cuddles, The JAW Team.

What do you think, folks? Does the world need another Metal Gear Solid remake, or was 2004's Twin Snakes enough?


    I'd love to see a Naughty Dog MGS game, but at the same time I don't want them getting distracted from telling their own stories in order to tell somebody else's.

    Love and cuddles guys, how can you turn down that request?

    Twin Snakes was pretty bad. Hopefully if it is remade again it's done with a bit more respect for the original material.

      Wait, what? Twin Snakes was a great remake and showed a huge deal of respect to the game.

      And looks great, too.

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      You are literally insane. Twin Snakes was amazing and even Kojima said it was amazing.

        He did say that it was good when it launched, but has since stated numerous times that he believes that the original is the definitive version of the game, and that Twin Snakes is not the vision for the game he imagined when the remake was initially pitched. I believe he even stated directly that he did not like it around the time of MGS4's development.

          Never heard that. Though I remember the crazy hate for it, specifically the missile kick. He defended it saying that metal gear always had an over the top, silly streak and he loved the missile kick.

            I sadly couldn't tell you the places I read it, as it was certainly a while ago and my memory isn't great at the best of times, but I recall a number of places like Kotaku reporting such at different times. Kojima has been known previously to be critical of other people's takes on the Metal Gear franchise though (Ac!d, Twin Snakes and Revengeance come to mind), and a lot of people take the line said early on by Kaz in Peace Walker ("Finally, we can leave all that crap in San Hieronymo behind...") as a jab at Portable Ops, which seems to be backed up by Peace Walker's story both ignoring and contradicting the established story from Portable Ops.

    We need this. Twin Snakes is great but it's almost impossible to find these days.
    And I'll see how good New 'n Tasty is before commenting on Just Add Water as a choice - I haven't played anything they've released yet.

    Love and cuddles LOL. How could he resist that :P

    WE need MGS1 to be remade to HD !!! I wanted it ever since I saw what they could do when MGS4 Went back to Shadow Moses! I want a HD copy of MGS1 - EXACTLY how it was, no rewrites, just upgrade the Graphics and the Audio!

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    Do it Do it Do it Do it.

    I wonder if they would use Hayters voice..

    They would need to surely...the uproar..

      I may be wrong here, as I'm just going off memory, but when they re-recorded audio for the Twin Snakes (which stuck to the original script), they did it in high enough fidelity that they wouldn't need to do it again.

    I'd be happy with that.

    JAW are good people, it might take a while, but give them a go

    Well the audio is already there, so part of the job is already done. And by that of course I mean any developer who tried to take this on should not dare replace/chop the audio for the dialogue and music, this is part of the reason Twin Snakes was an abomination that should be scrubbed from existence.

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