Atlus’ Parent Company Under Investigation For Shady Practices

Atlus’ Parent Company Under Investigation For Shady Practices

Atlus is famous for role-playing games, like the Persona series. In Japan, its parent company is now in trouble with Japanese authorities for dodgy bookkeeping.

The name “Atlus” only exists on paper as a brand name in Japan. The company was dissolved and removed from the stock market a few years back, after it became a wholly owned subsidiary of a company called Index and was subsequently merged.

That company is being investigated for shady dealings. There’s an investigation going on at Index’s corporate offices as well as at the company president’s home.

As reported by NHK (via 2ch), the Japanese authorities are investigating Index for fabricated and inflated business transactions, which is known as “round-tripping“. This was used to beef up the company’s corporate balance sheet.

“It’s true that we are being investigated,” an Index spokesperson told NHK. “During this investigation, we are unable to divulge any information at the request of the authorities. From here on out, we are cooperating fully and as soon as all the facts are evident, we will promptly make that known.”

人気ゲーム会社に粉飾決算の疑い [NHK via 2ch]


  • And when it turns out that there’s massive internal corruption and the company folds, the brass will solemnly apologise and walk away with millions. Next year they’ll start new tax havens and embezzlement projects. Rank and file workers will be left owed months of salary that will never appear.

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