Attack On Titan's Cool Manoeuvre Gear, Awesomely Recreated

Someone just built a really amazing, functional replica of the three-dimensional manoeuvre gear from the popular anime series Attack on Titan. All the cool parts — the handgrips, the grapple-hooks, even the gas-powered mechanisms — are working and demonstrated in the video.

In the series, the device was developed by humans to fight the Titans, so the builder now only has to find one of those creatures roaming around somewhere and fire those hooks to make his (and our) dreams come true.

Shingeki no Kyojin Cosplay Weapons [YouTube]


    Once again best anime ever

      It's pretty good! Dunno about best ever... Definitely enjoying it though.

    Those grapple hooks better be plastic and suction cup! Imagine accidentally
    firing metal ones into a crowd at a Con lol

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