Aussie Hands-On: Mario. Donkey Kong. Zelda. Oh My.

Playing at booths is always weird. There's noise. You're standing. There's a strange human next to you, watching you play intently. It's about as far removed from the traditional video game experience you can get. But still: it was Super Mario 3D World. It was Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. It was Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. Needs must people. Watch us play!

I've already written fairly extensively about Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze and Super Mario 3D World, but the new 3DS Zelda? I have mixed feelings. Messing around in the overworld was strange. Personally it felt like when I go home to visit my parents in Scotland after a few years: everything is the same, but different. And it's the differences, the passage of time, that's felt most keenly.

I'm not a massive fan of the art style. Actually, I kind of actively dislike it. Hoping to be pleasantly surprised, however, when I get a better look at the game and feel its scope.


    I wish I could get excited about DKC, but for some reason I'm just absolutely rubbish at 2D platformers, so they're not really worth buying for me since they can get quite frustrating.

      Thats a shame, personally i love platformers, even difficult ones and I'm really glad they're making a comeback, be it Donkey Kong or Super Meat Boy.

      Now fighters on the other hand I would love to be good at but i'm at best a button masher. Im good at Smash Bros but thats like saying you're good at Angry Birds or something equally pedestrian.

    Videooooos <3
    I lolled at the pipe bit.

    Also I'm totally with you on the art of Zelda. I'm not feeling it either. Same with New Yoshi's Island. They still both just seem like crappy early-90s CGI, like the opening cutscene to Yoshi's Island.

      Not sure on the art of Zelda either, but i'm hoping the audio offsets it. So far it sounds like they have faithfully replicated the sfx of LttP, and i'm totally down with that.

    I actually really like the style of the ds Zelda's.
    why cant that just be expanded upon as we now have a handheld that could do the wind waker style justice.

    oh well. it is a sad day when im not excited over a new zeld

    Ha ha! Mark said the same thing about Ocarina of Time 3D! :P

    I wonder is donkey kong country (the new one) ever going to be as good as the rare one?

    I mean that OST is hard to beat

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