Bayonetta 2 Looks Deadlier Than Ever, Even With Short Hair

As seen on this morning Nintendo Direct, the sequel to Platinum’s beloved camp-action game features even more over-the-top craziness than ever. Bayonetta's rocking a pixie cut but isn't any nicer than she used to be. New powers were shown and she apparently wield both dual pistols and dual whips. The game's due out in 2014.


    do the curtains match the drapes heyo #sexism

    That framerate better get smoothed out before release :(

    But her costume is/ was her hair... so if she has short hair.. does that mean she will be naked??

      Hmmm... maybe that's her body hair... *shudder*

    Its it still Wii U exclusive?

    Last edited 12/06/13 12:20 pm

      Considering that Nintendo are publishing, I would say so.

    Well, that's one game I'd get a Wii U for. Glad to see it's coming along nicely still.

    Just weird. From memory the first game sold about 2 million copies. Can't believe that no other publisher would touch a sequel.

    First Dante, now this?!

    Nah actually looks pretty mad

    Hopefully they pull a Rayman Legends and go multiplatform, I'm not sure I like the game enough to justify buying a new console for just one game.

      They can't pull a Rayman Legends. Rayman is published by Ubisoft, this is published by Nintendo. No one else wanted to pick the game up for a sequel and Nintendo saved it. Bayonetta 2 is theirs and theirs alone. It will never see a port to any other system.

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