'Before The End Of The Year' For Australian League Of Legends Servers

Australia is fortunate indeed when a developer for a multiplayer title decides to host servers locally, with the most recent of note being Riot Games for League of Legends. Going by reports, a provider has been found, with a confident assertion the servers will be available before the end of 2013.

A story on AusGamers points out a post on the game's official forums, made by Oceania community manager "MasterMirkinen". It's a little light on details, but the 2013 date is one of the more solid points:

...I would like to politely ask if it's at all possible for you to tell us if you THINK (not if you know) that the servers will be up in [Australia] before the end of the year? Having some sort of idea even if it's not a official post would be cool. If not at all possible I understand but thanks anyway.

MasterMirkinen: For sure before the end of the year.

MasterMirkinen was unable to disclose the provider Riot has chosen to host the servers, however it's mentioned the provider was "tested intensively" and will be "the best for our needs".

Now, "before the end of the year" could as easily mean tomorrow as it could New Year's Eve, but hopefully it'll be somewhere between these extremes.

Riot — Please Respond regarding AUSTRALIAN / OCEANIC Server [League of Legends Community, via AusGamers]


    aw nice, but i never have connection issues anyway

      But you won't have 200+ ping anymore which is the main gripe. :) Hopefully migrating servers will be free like with the Latin American one iirc

        Averaging 170 on a regular basis here :D

          170 is damn good, but it still on average about 80-85ms slower than that of NA players. This may not mean much but during teamfights or trades when you have to do a clutch-play, you kinda feel whether that 85ms is the difference.

            Yeah exactly man. I used to play the Taiwan server in Asia. Now I have to cope with 200+ ping in Australia. HUGE difference!

    You know, that's way more effort then most triple A title developers are willing to do. Thinking that it's good enough for Australians to play on American hosts...

    Well, my excuse for being terrible at Lol is about to dissapear.

    Dota 2, has had aussie servers since the start of the year...and is a better game...why wait..

      Because some people don't like Dota2, ever thought of that? Sick of people comparing these 2 games together. It's like the whole PC vs console gaming thing. Both are different in their own thing

    Because Dota 2 is bad and League of legends is good?

      Dota 2 at this point has been more of a successful game in beta than lol has been as a full game. Not to mention the buy heroes system is completely not a goo idea , when you churn a hero a fortnight it makes for a lot of balancing issues, especially when they refer to balancing a hero that people spend hard cash for when they come out by nerfing them into the ground and over buffing a previous hero, and don't get me started on the rune system.

      Everything in dota 2 this far is player choice, I don't need to grind points or cash up for heroes and runes, if I wanna buy something it does not impact gameplay at all. Any and all heroes are free from the get go making it already instantly balanced without being restricted to a small pool, and it always bugged me that you can have the same hero on both teams in lol , never seemed right to me fighting myself.

      And going back a while the tournament that I believe riot funded/held was a dumbass move allowing players to have the chance to see the spectator display if the turned there heads to see where the other team was.

      You cannot really state at this point that lol is vastly better or remotely better. Valve just have a better mindset for games, they make me feel like I wanna play.

        I would like point out that when playing a ranked game you don't play against yourself.

        Never played dota2 and never plan to go through the learning curve again so ill stick with lol. Can't complain about a game you don't have to put any money into..

        Dota 2 for me is too slow and boring, too many variables, map size too big, only 1 type of map, which is boring , LoL and even SMITE has domination, assault, arena, conquest, normal maps, 1v1, 3v3, and more. while dota2 only has 1 game mode. . . . . dota 2 = insanity.

    Apotheosis Gaming LOL AUS: Recruiting

    I get about 180-190 ping, not too bad for in Aus, but haveing under 50 ping would be amazing.

    Hi, Im a student Living in Australia, and my friend (neighbour as well :D) has 230 pings everyday, which is enough to play without lag but not great. Today he announced that he was at 20 ping, and that was crazy. all i can say is good job Riot for helping releasing this :D

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