Behold! Some Of Internet's Scariest Pikachus

Pikachu sure is cute. Well, save for the times that the yellow Pocket Monster is utterly terrifying.

Over the years, numerous scary Pikachus have popped up on the internet — this and this, for instance. There are many more examples, but here's a quick look at some, not all, of the standouts that have been spotted around Japan, China, South Korea and beyond.

You might have seen some of these. Maybe not. Have a look and feel free to shudder.

Pictures: kagalli13, low211, kyanaleen, 10fucking_laugh, wai_bot, namajun, 中国政治Blog, kimkayoo, kedamono, shiiro22, KoTa_OTL, ちょねっとの日常日記


    What? i don't see anything wrong with the blow up one... oh... OH DEAR GOD!

    But aren't these all unlicensed converted to Pikachu items? Well except for seriously wrong inflatable Pikachu.

    I can't believe you didn't have this one:

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