Better Come To This XCOM Prequel With A Plan, Or Aliens Will Kill You

Better Come To This XCOM Prequel With A Plan, Or Aliens Will Kill You

The developers at 2K Marin working on The Bureau: XCOM Declassified say that they’re going to be throwing serious challenge at you. And from what I played a few months ago, this 1962-set prequel to last year’s hit release isn’t the kind of game that you just coast through. Good thing this newest trailer covers some of the tactics and abilities that you’ll be able to wield in your fight against extraterrestrial Outsiders.

You’re not getting any hints about how the story’s going to unfold in this clip. But if you still had questions about camera angles, encounter space layout and enemy classes, you’ll get more insight on all of that here. If that’s not enough, head over to the game’s Facebook page for a 12-minute gameplay video.


  • I think it would be really fascinating to hear the story behind this game’s development. I know 2k Australia were working on it around ’06, so I’d be interested to find out what happened between then and now.

    Sadly you almost never get to hear those inside stories.

  • It still looks like Mass Effect with a change of clothes. There were also a few locations and UI elements that looked like they were lifted from the other X-COM. Just enough to stir the fond memories I have of the game, but not enough to convince me that The Bureau is really the drastic improvement over the original FPS they say it is.

  • Watched the Gamespot E3 stage demo this morning. It’s looking promising, but I’m still playing Enemy Unknown.

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