Brock From Pokémon Can Drive, Pilot Or Operate Almost Anything

Remember Brock from the Pocket Monsters anime? He left the series a few years back to go be a Pokémon Doctor, but he still lives on in our hearts as the dude who can operate nearly anything put in front of him. That includes rockets. And drawbridges.

Recently on 2ch, Japan's largest online forum, an image popped up online that shows the various things Brock has driven over piloted during his stint on the Pokémon anime. The image is now appearing on numerous Japanese websites, but here is a translated version, courtesy of Kotaku:

Surely, 15-year-old Brock has driven a car in the Pocket Monsters anime?

ポケモンのタケシ操縦出木杉わろたwww [2ch]


    Team Rocket.
    There's the link.

    It's been well over a decade since I first watched Pokemon as a kid but I've always liked Brock more than Ash. While intended as the big brother type character to Ash, Brock served imo as a far superior character in showing growth as a person living in the Pokemon world. Ash's incompetence was infuriating then, and only much more so now.

    Well, that's me done for the night at being super nerdy...

    I would love to see Brook use pokemon-amie in X/Y
    Go wide-eyed

    I thought he was meant to be 16?

    He should barely know how to drive.

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