Call Of Duty: Ghosts Appears On TV, Gives Us 'Press X To Bark'

Tonight's featured demo on Late Night's Video Games Week was a few minutes' worth of the new Call of Duty's canine companion demonstrating his abilities of sneaking, silent killing and... barking.

The demo, which takes place in the rather devastated-looking outskirts of San Diego, has the dog, Riley, take down several guards — in fact, the actual main character doesn't seem to do much, with Riley doing most of the killing. Although that may have something to do with the guy from the Defiance TV show doing "tactical reloads" instead of, you know, shooting.


    And if we could speak dog... we'd hear him say Jason.


    Rise of the Triad let you play as a dog in 1994. GOOD JOB INNOVATING CALL OF DOOTY GHOSTSSSSSSSSSSSS

      Wolfenstein 3d let you shoot enemies while playing in a first-person perspective in 1992. GOOD JOB INNOVATING RISE OF THE TRYADSSSSSSSSSSSS

    What the hell? What's Grant Bowler doing there? I didn't know he had a particularly big career in the States. I only know him from some of his Aussie work.

      He's the main star of Defiance, I assume that's why he's there atm.

    videos like this remind me that despite being appropriately self loathing, i love my australian accent

    Are we seriously going to believe that a dog is used for stealth kills, that it can perfectly dispatch enemies as efficiently as this, and jump through smashed windows and knock enemies through heavy wooden doors. What the fuck?

      Happy 13th birthday.

        ha that was the best cod related exchange i have ever seen. You win dainbramaged you win

    Bullshit. Dogs can't look up.

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