Can Your Network Handle The ‘Optimal’ Xbox One Experience?

Can Your Network Handle The ‘Optimal’ Xbox One Experience?

Along with today’s clarification of the online requirements of the Xbox One, Microsoft also gave us an internet speed target: “For an optimal experience, we recommend a broadband connection of 1.5Mbps.” That doesn’t seem unreasonable. Let’s see how we do?

A quick trip to will tell you how your network is doing, and while only the most ancient wireless connections should fall below the 1.5Mbps speed range, it never hurts to check.

Here’s me, from good old Charter Internet in Atlanta.

Can Your Network Handle The ‘Optimal’ Xbox One Experience?

How does your connection stack up? It’s comments bragging time, y’all.


  • Required speed is irrelevant when my xbox is used as a goto gaming platform for when my internet is down. There won’t be any of that with an xbone, which is one reason why I won’t be getting one and why internet speed is irrelevant.

    • Xbox doesn’t function on high internet speed in Australia best having low internet speed and xbox online gaming like madden ultimate team you get no lag no congestion runs like a gem.

        • Actually you should be hoping that the Liberals DO get in. Their NBN plan would mean more homes would get the faster internet quicker. The current NBN plan is terrible, the idea is great, but their execution has been beyond pathetic. Original estimates had the entire network completed by 2020. That has now been pushed back to 2025. There is no guarantee that the liberals will even do anything, they might leave the current NBN as it is. Considering the cost involved either way, it wouldn’t surprise me. So don’t go counting all your eggs in one basket my friend. Either way, you will have faster internet, you may just have to wait a long time for it.

          • No thanks, I don’t want to go paying a few grand to get it hooked up to my house. Neither party will be able to get it hurried up and hooked up faster, it’s all a case of smoke and mirrors from both of them, it’s just that the smoke and mirrors will either be supplied free to you by one or you’ll have to pay a few grand to get slower rising smoke and mirrors sooner…

          • I’m sure the connection rate will be fantastic when it’s a couple of thousand dollars to hook it up to your rental under liberal. Can guarantee we wont get it if Labor don’t get in and will be stuck on ADSL2 until hell freezes over.

          • I’d rather pay a few grand to hook it up to my house than pay more in taxes to hook it up to your house. And besides, not everyone’s going to benefit from ultrafast broadband. We’re a nation of people in their 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, and all they use it for is for seeing photos of the grandkids – hardly a reason to roll out 100Mb/s connections to their doors. Just because you want to pirate Game of Thrones and stream porn in HD, doesn’t mean everyone in Australia does.

      • I checked the nbn thing out a while ago, I was pumped till I had a look at their map and saw most areas will have to wait till at least 2016 for the nbn to be rolled out.
        I’m going by what their site says but I hope I’m wrong.

        • Yeah it’s probably going to be longer still as it was meant to be fully rolled out in my area by March at the latest. It still isn’t.

          • Yep my whole area was supposed to be done already and they haven’t even started in half of the places near me (Live in Tassie).

            I currently get a whopping 3.1 mbps which is rubbish (only better than 43% of people which means I probably have one of the worst wired connections going around), sure if im the only one using the internet i can play online, stream some things. But if i wanted to use the “cloud” on the Xbone no one else could use the internet in my house, shit if people are wathcing youtube i can notice the difference when i play online. (This is the very best money can buy me, stupid 5km of cables to my house, rawr)

          • 3.1mbps is great. I was stuck on 0.32mbps waiting for Telstra to fix their dodgy line. After two months it’s at “maximum speed” of about 2mbps. The line is capable of up to 4mbps, but I doubt it’ll ever get near that speed.

          • 0.32mbps is great, I was stuck using two tin cans and a piece of string trying just to download these comments!

          • String? You were lucky.

            And you try and tell the young people of today that… they won’t believe you.

        • The suburb literally 100m down the road from me has been listed as “work is currently underway” for the past 2 years. It is meant to take one year max for a suburb to be connected…….

          Oh and my suburb, which is like I said, literally 100m down the road, isn’t listed in the rollout map at all. Which means my suburb won’t be ready till after 2017, as the rollout map only lists suburbs getting it in the next 3 years.

      • What sort of internet are you using? Im on ADSL 2 and getting close to 18mbs. The worst I have ever gotten in a house is 7mbs. I honestly dont understand the problem

    • Damn it Faction. Wish I have 117mb/s download speed >=[ Wouldn’t mind that upload speed either.

    • Haha, wow man, here in Perth with Bigpond I’m at like 1mb/s… Any faster and my line drops out every 5 min…

      • My line use to be in that category of something like faster than 93% faster than the rest of the country, then the NBN started now i’m down to faster than 58% of the country, yay!

        • If this is true, the NBN isn’t the reason for it…… the NBN has not rolled out to 35% of the country, not even close to that. A lot of people are able to afford faster internet now days.

          • Well my line hasn’t degraded or anything like that, but according to speed test over the last 18 months – 2 years my connection has slowly dropped in how fast it was compared to the rest of the country. Now it’s nothing special it averages 1mb/s download with around 105kb/s upload and averages a 9ms ping to the Brisbane Telstra speed test server.

  • Well my internet is ‘suppose’ to be 5mb but it only ever gets up to around 850kb/s. Plus 3 other people use the internet.

  • 1.5 mega bits isn’t really hard to hit, its only 187.5 kilobytes per second. That’s pretty basic broadband.

  • Microsoft have yet again stuffed something up in the PR department; I assume they mean downstream bandwidth, but considering what we are talking about it here it could just as easily mean upstream… That’s the kind of thing they need to make clear straight away. :/

    1.5Mb down is reasonable enough and most people would have that, but 1.5Mb up is definitely out of the question for the majority of users in this country.

  • My issue with their policy has nothing to do with the speed of my Internet anyway.

    • I don’t have internet at home, so this console is out for me. I tether my phone to my computer, so I’m not going through this BS.

  • Test result from connection to Atlanta, GA (To compare with main article result) –

    Local result –

    Remember kids, when testing you need to keep the same conditions to ensure the best results. The main article uses Atlanta GA, then you should do the same. If anyone knows the location of Microsoft servers in the USA or local, then use those as a testing base, Local results are NOT acceptable tests of speed.

    • They have made localized global servers for Xbox One… if you watched the announce event you should know that… I’m sure they will have Aus servers in Sydney, it’s like being with iinet and downloading 360 content it’s all super fast and quota free because its locally hosted, online gaming will never be great for Aussies because nationally our Internet sucks

    • My speed gets drawn and quarteded going to Atlanta GA, seems about right considering the hogwash speed i get updates and stuff on my 360, which means without aussie servers i don’t have a good enough connection with a result of 0.73Mbps, laughable.

      • Which is why any promises of 20/25mbs from a provider is BS. The second it hits the international pipes heading out from Sydney, we’re screwed

  • Lets not forget that latency to the US will be 250ms at best. Will they have Aus servers for their cloud computing? will we be waiting 250ms for their servers to do computations for us? how will this affect games?

  • Alanta GA


  • Useless for most Aussies since our internet speed in most places sucks big time & the promised NBN is going to be overpriced for a 2nd rate service for most people outside of a city. I am lucky enuf to have a 21Mb/s download but my upload speed is minimal, not going to buy the XBox One anytime soon, when the XBox360 breaks I will consider options but the new one is not high on my list of my list. The new unit might be good for someone just starting out of home for the 1st time where you need to buy a lot of technology but for most homes we already have it all & all we want the XBox for is gaming!
    MS will have to change their attitude towards policies on use of the Xbox One before I will even consider getting it & in my opinion it is a big fail.

  • So my previous post of legitimate results was deemed inappropriate despite being the same as a lot of other posts. It was of the form:

    Local – link
    Atlanta, GA – link
    [comment on how slow my internet is]

    So for those actually interested, IIRC:
    Local (Sydney) – 0.5 down, 0.6 up
    Atlanta – 0.4 down, 0.4 up

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