Check Out A Trailer For The Wii U Version Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Look, no one should be making 'didn't ask for this' jokes anymore. But if anything calls for it it's the TV-commercial-style narration in this clip for the remastered and tweaked Wii U version of Eidos Montreal's stealth/action cyberpunk hit.


    @sughly, this might interest you. Incredible game and this looks like the best version. You can play the entire thing without shooting any one.

    Last edited 12/06/13 12:46 pm

      Oh yeah man! Totes interested! You sold me on this long time ago, will definitely be getting this edition :D

        Tempted to get it again, myself. :D

    Looks like a buy as long as the developers are up to scratch.

    I see the Straight Right logo at the end of that vid

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