Check Out E3's Biggest Console Game Announcements By Playing A Retro Platformer

You want to get up to speed with all the big games announced for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but you're not enthused by the idea of trawling through countless videos, news posts and podcasts? Why not play a retro-style browser game instead? I mean, there's one you can have a crack at right here.

Called a "gamergraphic" but its creator, NetVoucherCodes, you're tasked with occupying the shoes of either Halo's Master Chief or God of War's Kratos and jumping around an 8-bit rendition of E3, collecting cartridges that contain dossiers for the various next-gen games announced or discussed at the show.

The only controls are Z (left), X (right) and Space (jump) and those expecting to work out their finely-honed Super Meat Boy platforming skills will be disappointed.

That said, it's certainly a new way of consuming the E3 experience and a refreshing change to charging head-first into a torrent of vox pops. Unfortunately, both console options take you to the same level, just with different games, so don't expect an entirely new experience after you've completed one.

Best of E3 — Gamergraphic [NetVoucherCodes]


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