Codemasters' Classic Colin McRae Rally Goes Mobile

So this is what they were talking about yesterday. Codemasters' original rally sports simulator is now on iOS, looking as dapper as ever.

The "re-imagined" iOS version is based on the second game in the series from 2001, Colin McRae Rally 2.0, and it sports overhauled graphics and optional tilt controls while including the cars, events and locations that made the original great. Have a look at the features list:

• Hit the dirt with an upgraded edition of classic genre-defining rally driving game experience • 30 unique rally stages with over 130km of track • Real world locations, with varied track surfaces including Australia, Greece and Corsica • Legendary rally cars including: o Ford Focus o Subaru Impreza o Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI o Lancia Stratos • Dynamic damage model - windows shatter, bodywork crumples and falls off • Expert car handling and physics model, based on the original model developed alongside Colin McRae • Authentic co-driver and race notes, written and voiced by professional rally co-driver Nicky Grist • Multiple gameplay modes - quick race, single stages, rallies and an extensive Championship • An iPad 2 or newer, iPhone 4S/5, or iPod touch (5th gen) is required for this game

Colin McRae Rally for iOS is available worldwide and can be grabbed here.

Codemasters: If in doubt, FLAT OUT! [Twitter] Colin McRae Rally on the App Store [iTunes App Store]


    Man, I loved Colin McCrae on PSX. Where's the Android version?

    Thats annoying, i was hoping for next gen rally

      Yeah I wish they made a Rally only Version of DiRT2/3 for ios and android that would be nice especially with good graphics etc

    first thing i though when reading this is how did they incorporate microtransactions into it

    Now all they need to do is put it on Android.

    Liking that it's based off 2.0, that was my fav game in the series.

    I still to this day play colin mcrae 2.0 It was the best version ever! my G27 works great with it. and it beats all of the new codemasters rally POS games ! in terms of feeling of speed, flow, and handling

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