Community Kudos Will BE BAAACK...

Hello everyone! As a result of me being overseas in the US and being in a completely different timezone (and most likely dead asleep by the time you read this) Community Kudos has been postponed to next week.

I've pretty much worked 16 hour days for the whole week, and I reckon I've lost about five kilos, so don't get too mad at me!

Anyways, I hope you guys have enjoyed the E3 coverage this year. Normal service will resume next week!


    Lost five kilos??? Bah. Get back to Australia and pack on the pounds ya wee lil laddie.

    Is this the part where I declare myself the winner for, um, being a good... work... guy?

    Last edited 14/06/13 5:24 pm

    You lost 5 kilos in a week? Must have been all that healthy food served in sensibly sized portions - they've got it all figured out over there.

    I was gonna win too! *runs away crying*

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