Company Of Heroes 2 Goes Into Open Beta Today

The thing that sold me on Company of Heroes 2, other than the fact that it's the sequel to one of the best RTS games ever made, is the setting. It focuses on the eastern front of World War II, where the Russians outlasted Nazi Germany during a cruel winter. It's a side of history we don't hear much about.

But that's not the reason I'm writing about Company of Heroes 2. The reason I am writing is this: the game has now gone into open beta. You can play six maps and, interestingly, your stats and unlocks from playing in the beta will actually carry on into the full game when it is released — a pretty nifty incentive.

But really the only incentive you truly need is a chance to play Company Of Heroes 2. Which looks great. I'm not even necessarily a fan of this genre, but I'm keen.

You can get access to the game through its Steam page which you can find here. Be wary — a 10GB download awaits!



    I enjoyed the closed beta quite a bit. It doesn't feel significantly different from the previous game but in saying that the last game was so fun to play it doesn't really need to.

    So far I'm enjoying it all, except the ui, while informative it is far too chunky and seems very out dated appearance wise almost like clip art. Coh1 ui while chunky, still looked better.

    Step one to early Russian victory. Aquire 120mm mortars and hope the Nazi's dont get Tanks

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