Contra Run and Gun: Will Konami's Next Contra Game Do What It Says On The Tin?

Contra's often described as the quintessential run and gun game, but the next time I type that, I might have to pay Konami royalties or something, as it's applied for a trademark for "Contra Run And Gun".

Yeah, I know, trademarks don't work quite like that. Still, AllGamesBeta spotted the trademark application, which was filed on the 4th of June, and covers "Video game software; video game programs; computer game software; computer game programs; electronic game programs.". So if you were planning on that run of Contra: Run and Gun Otter care products, you're probably safe. The late filing of the trademark application suggests to me that an announcement at E3 is unlikely — but I guess we'll find out soon enough.

Konami has filed a trademark for 'Contra Run and Gun' [AllGamesBeta via GameSpot]


    Sounds like a mobile title. Bleh.

    Call up WayForward and get them to bring us Contra 5!

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